Paint Colors

I have gotten emails here and there asking about the paint colors I have used in my house. But recently I have received  a lot. So I thought it would be easier to address it in a post.

Remember the trouble I had with getting the right wall color for my office? After mixing my own color several times over I got the perfect shade. I asked you guys what I should call my new color and I loved all your responses. My mom read them too. One of the suggestions was to call it 57 Chevy Bel Air. After reading that my mom called me and told me that my dad drove that type of car (and color) a long time ago. So, that is it! That is what my office color will be called :)

I am afraid I do not know a ton about the codes they use to mix paint. I am assuming they are the same no matter what store you go to and brand you buy, but I am not sure. All these codes come from Behr paint mixed at Home Depot.

The wall color for my office was mixed in an ultra white base, the middle color was mixed in a medium base and the darkest paint was mixed in a deep base.

Both green paints used in my kitchen and dining are were mixed in a medium base.

My bedroom color was a custom tint that came from the bedding. It was mixed in an ultra white base.

My family room color was mixed in medium base.

I will add my hallway and bathroom later……….



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  1. says

    I love the color of your office walls. It’s so cheery. And i think next time I paint a room I’ll be searching vintage car colors before hitting the swatches at Home Depot for inspiration.

  2. Jennifer says

    I love the colors! I sold/mixed paint for several years (and several years ago). Unless things have changed drastically in the last few years, the paint formulas and bases (I do not remember for sure on the colorants) are brand-specific. So your formulas will only work on Behr paint. Not to say it might not get close on another brand with similar bases, but it’s unlikely to get a good match and the bases would have to be almost exactly the same for it to even be close. In general, the best way to convert colors to another brand is to take a paint card from one brand and have the store custom-match it to the other brand.

    • Stacy says

      That is what I thought…. which is why I was so specific. Most of these are custom tints, so no paint card. And the ones that did are old enough that they are discontinued. But I guess if someone wanted the colors bad enough it wouldn’t hurt to go to Home Depot :P

      • Jennifer says

        Yep, I agree. :) At any rate, you provided wonderful big “samples” of paint here….it shouldn’t be hard to find cards to match it. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. says

    These are my favourite colours!
    Specially in Your Office. My Hallway has the same colour, and I was in trouble, when I wanted to mix this in the Store. I’ve dreamed about it for two weeks, after it I found a Throw in a Toddler shop, in the dreamed color, bought it, and with it I went to the paint Store. So they could mix the right color for me.

  4. Becky says

    I have an app on my Droid (ColorSnap) by Sherwin Williams. You can take a picture of a color and it will tell you the name of the Sherwin Williams paint that is closest. Home Depot can match any of Lowe’s paint colors just by giving them the name of the paint color so they might be able to do that with Sherwin Williams paints too.. Could always ask anyway

    • Jennifer says

      That’s great to know about Home Depot and Lowe’s matching each other. Have you used the ColorSnap app with success? I’ve read different reviews on it online….some people say it works great, and other say it doesn’t match.

  5. Margaret Baird says

    Love your colors. I have been helping my son decorate his house and that this if the color palette we chose for him. Calming but masculine. Keep up the good work!.

  6. says

    How do you create the paint samples on your board? What program do you use? I like the circle samples and would like to use hem as well. I had asked my local paint shop and they have no idea. Ease share if you don’t mind. It would be most appreciated.

    Thank you.


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