Clock Pillow

I had this idea quite awhile ago but never got around to it. I finally started to make this and it dawned on me that it goes well with New Years! That certainly wasn’t why I made this, but you have to admit the timing is a great coincidence :)

I grew up with a mother who collected antiques. And she REALLY LOVED clocks. I don’t  have any idea how many we had in our home growing up. All I know is that when we had sleep overs, our friends had a hard time sleeping because they were not use to the chorus of chimes every hour.

I inherited my mothers love of clocks and I thought a clock pillow would be fun and a reminder of my mother and her many clocks :)

I used some fabric I had left over from another project and some fabric ink from Silhouette. They have stencil vinyl that you use in your Silhouette machine to cut out a shape that you want. Then using a foam brush or sponge, you dab the ink on. Then VOILA! You have a custom pillow :) If you do not have a Silhouette you could always use an exacto knife (razor blade). I did that for years before I ever got my machine.

Silhouette sent me this starter kit which has everything you need. It has:

* 3 feet of see through stencil vinyl

* 3 feet of transfer tape

* 2 oz bottle of fabric ink

* foam brush

* sponge

* mixing tray

*hook tool

* 10 free designs

*idea/instruction book


Silhouette is offering my readers a deal on the CAMEO and the Fabric Ink Starter Kit. You can get both for $299.00. Just use the code HOUSEWIFE at checkout! You will need to add both the CAMEO and the Fabric Ink Starter Kit to your cart first :) So if you didn’t get one of these bad boys for Christmas, you still have a chance to get one PLUS the ink to play around with.

If you already have a Silhouette machine and you just want the Fabric Ink, Use the same code (HOUSEWIFE) and get 20% off the starter kit!!!

This promo only lasts until January 5th and they have a limited amount of CAMEOS set aside for this sale, so if you are thinking about it then I would hurry.


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