Guess what?!? The Dilley Family WON! They won the $20,000 home make over from Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to write a post with more detail and tons of pictures from the reveal. It was one of the best days EVER.  I can’t thank you enough for voting and spreading the word. Don’t worry, I will get way more blubbery when I write the post about it. But just know that you guys ROCK!

Also, I FINALLY get to tell you about some other fun news that I have know about for MONTHS and have not been able to tell you all. I will be a speaker at SNAP! Blog Conference. I hope I will see you there. I would LOVE to meet as many of you as possible. The conference is here in Utah at a place called Thanksgiving Point and will be held during their tuplip festival in April. Dude, you should come just for that. The place is gorgeous and the line up for speakers is incredible. Head on over to the site to see the speakers who have been announced so far.

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  1. Becky D says

    Yay Stacy! I am so happy for you and even more envious :) Since I live in Utah, I will try to make it to the Snap Conference – don’t even know what it is, but will check it out. Can’t wait to see what you are going to get done to your house. Where about do you live again? I am in Salt Lake. Doing the happy dance for you Sweetie!

  2. says

    wonderful Stacy You will be a great addition to the Conference.

    I’m sure of it…I love your enthusiasm !!!

    my enthusiasm consists of blogging and commenting with the use
    of lots of exclamation points !!!

    – KAT –