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I inherited a lot of things from my mom. I have her pale skin, big boobs, a love of thrifting, and I cry on cue whenever I hear a patriotic song. I have mentioned before about growing up in a home where we were taught to respect, and pray for those who served our country. We had American decor up year round. Even though no one in my immediate family has served, I get very emotional whenever I see some one dressed in their uniform.  So, I was honored and excited to be invited by Home Depot to go to Atlanta, GA to help with a service project for some Veterans.

Here in Utah we got jipped out of fall. It snowed so early that the leaves really didn’t change color. They just died. But Atlanta, oh Atlanta was stunning! I totally violated the man’s personal space bubble next to me so I could stare out the window of the plane. It was beautiful!

I got to Atlanta, Ga in the afternoon. I have flown by myself several times before but I have always had a familiar face there when I arrived to pick me up. I will admit to being a little nervous to be picked up by a car service. I watch 48 Hours Mystery, Law and Order, and Castle way too much and I was blessed/cured with a wild imagination. But my driver was so NICE!

That night I had cocktails and dinner with the  people from Home Depot and the other bloggers. There were DIY bloggers as well as some Military bloggers.

We all like a good embarrassing moment, don’t we??? Well, I don’t like to disappoint….

I got there and hugged the crap out of everyone and made small talk while everyone got their drinks. I got  ice water with a straw.  Not even 5 minutes after I got there I was laughing and my head went down. You know, like when you belly laugh hard and your head bobs up and down? Well, my head went down…. and the straw went up my nose! WAY up there peeps! While they were all looking at me! Here are these darling PR ladies from Home Depot lookin’ at me and I have a straw hanging out of my nose. I kinda wanted to die. But instead I just laughed it off and threw the straw away :)

At dinner the President of the Home Depot Foundation spoke to us about what they do and why. I wish you could have heard her! I wish you could have felt her passion and commitment to this cause. You would have been all fired up! The Home Depot Foundation is focusing on serving U.S. military veterans who face financial and physical hardships.  The Home Depot Foundation is investing over $30 million over the next three years to this cause.  And recently from September 11th to November 11th Home Depot sponsored over 300 service projects for veterans across the United States. They are not just taking about how we need to support our Veterans, they are actually doing something about it :)

Then after dinner they gave us bloggers a big surprise! I will be able to help with something even bigger and YOU will get to help as well. I will do a whole post later explaining it :) IT WILL BE BIG!!!!!!!!!! Big I tell ya!


The Georgian Terrace

Bright and early the next morning we met in the lobby and then headed over to the work site. Home Depot built some housing for Homeless Vets and we were going to be working on the outside doing landscaping and such. I was assigned to the bench and shade structure team. Kate and Lindsay were too :) We had some guys that work for Home Depot that were there to help us as well as a 30 year Air  Force pilot turned Military Blogger named Dale.

We totally rocked it! In the time we were there we all built 4 benches and a pergola! I wish I had more pictures but I was so busy building I didn’t think to take pictures along the way. I had to borrow some from Kate.

Back row: Dale from Military Avenue, Kelly from The Centsible Life, Me, Nicole from Home Depot, Wendy from My Military Life.

Front row: Karie from Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine, Cheryl from Wife of a Wounded Soldier, Lindsay from Living with Lindsay, Kate from Centsational Girl.

I can’t wait to tell you the next thing that I will be doing with Home Depot to help. YOU get to help this time :) Stay tuned for the BIG announcement coming very soon!

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  1. says

    I’m still cracking up about the straw incident. Love that you can roll with the punches and just laugh it off. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Can’t wait to hear the big announcement as well.

  2. says

    As an Atlanta based blogger I’m glad you enjoyed it down here :) You came at the BEST time of year and it’s an especially colorful fall this year! I think it’s awesome what you were willing to do what you did down here… You’re awesome. Can’t wait to hear the big announcement!

  3. Nanalie Knotts says

    That is so awesome Stacy! Can’t wait to hear what the big announcement is! Can’t wait to help! I love the straw story. My luck, I would end up with a doosie of a nose bleed. Glad you could just laugh it off and move on. Congrats on the oppertunity to go and participate!

  4. says

    I’m glad you had a good time. I’m so happy to hear stories like this of giving back to vets and military families. They deserve it all and it is great to see how hands on you guys were. Can’t wait to hear what the big announcement is.

  5. says

    Now THAT is awesome! What a great experience for you. I am so totally impressed that Home Depot does so much for our troops and veterans. My brother serves in the Army and I can’t tell you how much stuff like this means to our military members. I am thoroughly impressed. Home Depot has my business for life! Great job Stacy!