Show Me What Ya Got #46

Office update: The trim, doors, windows, baseboards, and ceiling are painted. I gave up on my wall paint ever coming and went and bought some. I will hopefully have the walls done tomorrow so I can post pictures.  I am past the point of enjoying it because it has taken me so long. I just want it DONE.

I hope you have had a more productive week than I have. I can’t wait to see your projects :) I have a pin board on Pinterest that I will pin some of my favorites to just like I did last week. It is called Creative Friends. I have LOVED being on Pinterest. It is so fun!


*No ETSY shops, giveaways, or things you are selling

*Link to the specific post and not just your blog

*Link back or add my linky party button somewhere

*Max of 2 projects

*Don’t link up something that you have linked up here in the past

*Visit others and comment!!!

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    Sorry about the paint situation. That stinks and would totally be my luck. I have a few too many projects that stopped being fun because they took so long to finish. Good Luck and thanks for hosting!

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    I am so bad at actually finishing projects – I usually get about 95% and then move on to something else. I hope you have better luck than me. I also loved reading others confessions, they were so funny!

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    Well I have throughly goofed. I meant to put the name of the post and not my name on the link I posted. Sorry it’s 5am here and not had enough coffee yet. To think I have a crochet group to go to in a few hours. Anywho the post is called “Pics as Promised”. The item is a bag holder. I have made a bunting pillow and an apron to match it. Sorry about the major booboo.

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    Thanks for hosting this each week :) I love looking through all the projects and pinning my faves to pinterest.

    Just wanted to let you know that the last column of linked up projects is not showing. I tried to submit mine again when it didn’t show up and it said it was already submitted. That’s when I realized that projects skipped from #43 to #45. So one of the columns is hidden behind your sidebar. Just thought you should know.

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    I love your moss tip! Who knew? I just threw some moss out that looked shabby without the chic!
    Thank you so much for hosting each week AND for allowing 2 posts!
    Kerry at

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    Thank you for hosting! This week I have shared the following seasonal farm-to-table recipes that promote the benefits of good health through nutrition from eating fresh unprocessed seasonal produce:

    fried egg salad

    potato and leek soup (vegan)

    Happy cooking!
    The Intentional Minimalist

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    OMg It will take a while to look through all of these…but there is so many Im interested in checking out now. Ill post soon about the home Depot card..want to make it a special video post maybe !!!

    – KAT –

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    I can hardlywait for your office photos..I check everyday (Im not gonna lie, sometimes 3 times a day) to see if it’s up! I am in the process(thinking phase) of redoing my little office space. I see so many ideas and Its all ost oever whelming to me. SO I am excited to see what you have!!