Painted Rug

I think I will always be amazed at the power that paint has to transform just about anything. I wanted to paint my floors in the office but my hubby was hesitant. So  figured painting a big area rug was a good alternative. I  got this one from IKEA. It is the ERSLEV rug. I knew it would be a good one to use when I saw it because it was a nice off white color similar to the Heirloom White that all my trim is painted and because it has a tight weave that makes it nice and flat.

I measured out how far apart each stripe had to be so that the pattern would work. Then I used painters tape to tape the lines. Luckily for me the rug had lines from the weaving and so I followed them. I mixed up the paint with a little water so that it would sink into the rug easier.  I used a foam brush because that is what I had on hand. A foam roller would work as well.  The roller would have been faster but I liked that the foam brush could work the paint into the crevices. If I had to do it again I probably would have used both.  When painting near the tape I made sure the brush did not have very much paint and I brushed away from the tape line. This helped so that it wouldn’t bleed under the tape. This was very time consuming since it was such a big rug but I love how it turned out!

(Sorry for the terrible picture. I still have all my office things in totes including my computer. I was not able to edit this.)

*A little office update: I am slowly getting there. I had a ton of things to build from scratch so that has been a big job. I also painted the walls 3 times before I got the exact color I wanted. I just hope that it all works out the way I want so that all this hard work was worth it :) I have some fun things in store this week!!! I got some good news too that I hope I can share soon.  Happy Monday!



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  1. says

    I love the stripes! I bought a rug for my bedroom a few months ago with plans to paint it, but I still haven’t gotten brave enough to do it:)

  2. says

    I painted an ERSLEV also and oh my goodness it’s so strange, you and I did almost the same colors and they look almost identical! Wish I would have seen your post first and tried the water, never thought to do that, or use a fabric medium which I have also recently read about. Next time I guess! Love how yours turned out, in fact, I absolutely ADORE your entire office space, I think I should feature it, let me know what you think!!


  3. anna says

    Your rug looks beautiful. Can you please tell me what type of paint did you use?

    Thanks and all the best in all your projects.


  4. Tamara says

    I’m thinking about painting a large indoor/outdoor rug for the kitchen. I was wondering what type of paint you used and how easy is it to clean? PS Love the color!

  5. Nicole says

    I Have a rug in my kitchen I’m considering doing this to. It’s a thin sisal rug from World Market. Think this would work and
    D did it end up that your rug cleans easily with the paint? I’m constantly spot cleaning this rug now! I also like how you converted a armoire into a computer desk. I know just what to do now with one I was considering selling. Thanks :)