My Home Depot Music Video Debut!!!!

Today is my birthday! I am the big 3-2 :)  What better way to celebrate than with. . . . . Eeeeek!!! I am so excited! I have teamed up with Home Depot and I have some fun things in store for this week.

The first thing on the agenda is to share with you a little somethin’ somethin’ I whipped up to show my love and affection for the happiest place on earth…..Home Depot :)

I wrote, produced, directed and starred in this music video. My handsome hubby as the camera man. I have never done this before so the editing, recording and all that jazz was new to me. ****WARNING*** I am not a very good singer. So be nice. It is my birthday.


Everything I build,all the paint and stain

every tool and nail, oh without fail

comes from your store

I’d be here everyday, if I could get away

I would live right here, just to be near

Oh! Home Depot

Oh can’t you see, this belongs with me

but my poor wallet, is empty as can be

others shop at the mall, but that’s just not for me

I’d rather be here getting, retail therapy

I visit all the time but I still need more

I dream at night I can only see your store

too many projects and the funds are low

I’m overwhelmed so please don’t say no

I keep sayin’ Home Depot PLEASE…..

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  1. Dawn says

    That was FABULOUS!!! Happy Birthday! We share the day, although I am a bit older than you!
    I love your blog~learned about it from your awesome sister….before she became a deserter and left New England!!!

    Have a VERY happy birthday!

  2. Stacey @Daisy's Favorite Things says

    Haaaaaa! I was lol-ing at the window part!! Funny and TRUE video! :)

    Happy Birthday!! I’ll be hitting the big 3-2 in exactly a month behind you! Last year I asked for gift cards to HD and my mom thought it was so funny that she told everyone about it, even strangers! In sort of an in awe way and proud way that I didn’t want lots of frivolous things! Oh and I should say that, yeah my mom still buys me bday gifts and BIG ones because she couldn’t afford much when I was a kid and can now. My wood supply is low and my pile of empty spray paint cans is much larger than full ones so I know what to ask for this year!

  3. Jessica Reurich says

    Happy Birthday!
    I have never heard a song that just embodied the full extent of my love for Home Depot until today!!! Thanks for a fantastic song, and I love the video! Thanks “handsome hubby” for helpin out too!

  4. Nanalie Knotts says

    Happy Birthday and good wishes for your birthday Stacy! The Home Depot video is da-bomb! Tell the Mister, he did a good job on video! Love it. You should be rewarded with a wallet full of cash! :)

  5. says

    Hahahahahaha! That was great. I let me husband into my relationship with Home Depot. When it’s my turn to pick what we do for date night we often end up strolling the aisles of Home Depot. And I totally get the sniffing wood thing. Nothing is better than the smell of new lumber!

  6. says

    Happy birthday Stacy! This is my first time at your blog. You are very brave, I won’t sing in front of anyone lol. You sing sweetly, loved the video, that’s too funny!!

  7. Carrie DeRosia says

    Happy Birthday to you! I too am a “Mistress” of Home Depot…I see it with a fresh eye every time I’m there,LOVE it and your blog!


  8. Clara Risenmay says

    LOVE your video!! I’m sure you had fun making it. I’m so glad that you posted it so others could see it too. Have a G-R-E-A-T birthday and a FUN day! We love you!

  9. Pam M. says

    WOW! You Go Girl!! What a fun video you made!!
    I bet you’re so excited that you can’t sit down!! LOL!
    So… when….oh when….can you come to my house for a make-over??!!
    HAVE A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And you do have a nice voice too!!!

  10. says

    Very cute video! And happy birthday too! I hope it’s a great one. :)

    I used to go to the home depot all the time too – so great and so convenient!! It was right by my house, and I loved it, but when I found out what it supported with a significant portion of its profits I couldn’t support it any longer. Because of that, I shop at Lowe’s now – even though distance makes it much less convenient. I’m not saying that you need to switch, I just wanted to make you aware of their agenda. Family seems very important to you, so I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the home depot. This website – is very good and holds a lot of information. Thanks, and happy birthday again!

  11. says

    LOL! That is way too funny.
    I love Home Depot! There’s one about 6 minutes from my house. :)
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Polly says

    Girl – you are brave! And talented! And fearless! And creative! Happy Birthday from a new follower. Make it a GREAT year!

  13. Anna says

    Happy birthday, Stacey. The video is awesome and you sing so well. Have a beautiful day. I am 44 and I don’t think I have ever been to HD but after hearing your song I have to go. I am learning so much about home projects from your blog.


  14. Krista Young says

    Happy Birthday! That video is too cute! I passed it on to my husband’s facebook since he works at Home Depot :-) He just laughed and laughed and laughed! He said he was going to pass it on to his co-workers! Thanks for the awesome video!

  15. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says

    Oh my goodness, that is totally adorable! And so are you! Happy birthday! Hope your year is filled with many more trips to Home Depot!

  16. says

    LOL! And I thought I had HD fever!!
    Here’s wishing you a year filled with dreams come true ~ you deserve it!
    ♥♫•.*Happy Birthday*.•♫♥

  17. says

    OMG that was hilariously cute!!! I am laughing so hard! Please post the lyrics sometime – there were a few spots where it was hard to understand/hear what you were saying.

    Happy, happy birthday!

  18. says

    LOVE the video!!! Happy birthday and welcome to the 32’ers club. I just joined myself last month :) I cant wait to see what you and Home Depot have cooked up for this week! Hope you have a great Birthday week ;)

  19. says

    That was the cutest video ever! It summed up my life to a T! Way to go. I laughed and related to the whole video. Thank you for your creativity!

  20. says

    Freak Stacey!! I am IN LOVE WITH YOU RIGHT NOW! This is so stinkin’ awesome. It made my whole day! The fan? Oh my gosh! It’s the best! Home Depot and you should get married! I seriously love this…..did I mention you are my hero?

  21. says

    You are so stinking adorable! first of all- happy birthday. I was catching up after being away for FAR TOO LONG. This silly video (and I mean that in the cutest way possible) just got my spirits up enough to get a little creative juices flowing…although I won’t be creating any music videos any time soon. Enjoy your day and hopefully you get lots of Home Depot love for your bday! Give the husband some major kudos too- that’s some nice film work there! :)

  22. says

    Happy birthday =) I loved your video!!! It’s so creative and fun! And you husband, the camera man… so cute he’s with you on this =)
    What did your children say? Did they like it?

  23. Marie says

    You, my dear, are adorable! What a fun and hilarious video. Home Depot needs to hire you as official spokesmodel right now!

  24. Gwen says

    THIS IS HILARIOUS! I am a paint associate at The Home Depot! I love to go to the lumber department and sniff the wood too! I found your blog by accident and glad that I did. I dont have
    blog yet, but enjoyed yours. Im on my way to work in a few minutes. I wish you were a customer at our store!