I never thought I would get this excited over a….

….toilet!!!! But I did. And so did this little guy :)

Remember when I said that we needed to focus on saving water in our home? We got  a new toilet for the down bathroom.

 I am in LOVE. No tool installation, ever clean surface, saves over 60% on water, and (drum roll please…..) a no slam toilet lid! With lots of little boys using the bathroom all day I swear all I hear is the seat slamming down and the doors slamming shut. I wonder if the make a slow release door……

We also got an Energy Star bathroom fan/vent. We currently don’t have one at all.  5 boys. . . . well you get the idea. We NEEDED one :)

I like that it shows you everything you need in order to install it, right on the box.  And it tells you how big to make the hole, so there isn’t any guessing.

We had already changed out all the light bulbs in our house. BUT I learned about a new LED light bulb. It is 85% efficient plus it lasts 25 to 35 years. The bulbs I had are 75% efficient and last 3-5 years. Now, they are more pricey and I couldn’t see replacing all our bulbs again since we just upgraded to the 75% ones, but they don’t get hot like other bulbs so I thought it would be good to replace the ones that were in places that my kids could reach, like lamps.

To help winterize our home we also got a air conditioner cover.

Going back to the whole saving water thing, we got a water sense shower head. I had never installed a shower head before and it seriously took 5 minutes. No joke.  I bought the kind that has the hose, but if you bought a regular one it would only take 3 steps instead of 5.  (Sorry for the terrible pics with the flash. The only time I have a photographer is at night :) ) I didn’t even need to put my hair in a pony tail and get my grubbies on!

All the things we bought were all things that can easily installed yourselves. And none of them were a huge expense.  PLUS you can qualify for a rebate or a tax credit if you make you home more energy efficient! Who doesn’t love getting money back??? It is soooo worth checking out. You can click the links to learn how.

We are hoping to also get some insulation in between the basement ceiling and the upstairs floor. Since the opening is small we will have to have it blown in. If there is something you can’t install yourself (like that) then Home Depot can hook you up with someone who can. Cause they’re nice like that :)

So here’s to a warm winter, and a small utility bills in the mail!!!

***Home Depot provided me with the gift cards necessary to purchase these items. But the opinions and excitement were all mine!!! :)



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  1. says

    My hubby rented a machine to blow in insallation from a local lumber yard, it was really inexpensive and easy. :) I need to look into the toliet… we need 3 new ones around here!!

  2. Karen S. says

    Awesome! We have the slow toilet seat lids and love them. I never thought to cover my air conditioners – what s the purpose? Someone once told me not to…. We have been slowly replacing lights with LED also.

  3. Joanna says

    I didn’t know about the cover for the ac unit. Does that save a lot? I may have to look into a few of these things. Thanks for posting!

  4. says

    Hey! I was wondering about the AC cover too. And wow on the light bulb… 35 years?!? I’d love to get a 2 flush system toilet, its just such a great and easy way to save water. Thanks for the update. I LOVE your blog!

  5. Shawna Zimmerman says

    My next project… wow… I am going to install a rain shower head to help cut back on water use (plus they are amazing) and, since I need a washing machine, I plan to go HE…

  6. says

    Great ideas! Living in Florida I really don’t think about doing those things, but it does get cold here in Nov thru March. I’ll be doing some of these things.

    Thanks Stacy!