Freshen Up Your Moss!!!

I love moss! I love plants in general but moss is such a fun way to add nature and greenery to a space. And you can’t kill it. That’s a plus :) When you buy moss from the store it has been dyed. The dye over time will fade. But you don’t need to throw your moss projects out. You just need to freshen them up!

 I made this topiary YEARS ago and it has slowly been fading. So I painted it.


 It is so simple and it took me about 5 minutes. I mixed some craft paint to get the right mossy green color and then used a foam brush to apply it. Don’t get too much paint on your brush at a time. Then just dabb. Don’t press too hard or your moss will flatten. If that happens get a paper towel and fluff it back up by dabbing in the opposite direction that is is laying.  This also helps with any dust that accumilated over time. It really is that easy!!!


 I also painted the pot dark brown. It had been cream before.

Now I have a question for you. Since I moved my clock out of here to put in my bathroom, I was thinking of putting the Mason Jar Wall Planter where the clock had been. What do you think? My main concern is that the wall planter would fill up that part of the wall and I worry the other side of the broom closet would seem empty. I don’t want it to be off balance. Any thoughts???

P.S. I giggled and giggled over your confessions. That was so fun!!! And for the record I do not hate cheveron (and pennants). Like it said, they are nice. It is just everywhere :) I am glad so many of you participated. Maybe we will do something similar again in the future.

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  1. says

    wonderful idea, Stacy. I recently went and scavenged some old bark pieces in the woods and they all are very mossy. I cooked the bark in a hot oven (to kill everything wiggly) and the moss stayed a bright green I was so happy. then I varnish sprayed it to seal it up good and it is still that same green color… worked just fine. i am putting the bark with some wooden owls I’m working on. Love the moss on bark a lot !

    – KAT – @ Kat’s Nature

  2. says

    I was just looking at one of my moss projects on Saturday and thinking “Man that looks terrible. I wonder if I could spray paint it?” I’ll have to try this method instead, since I know it will work. Thanks Stacy!!

  3. says

    Very cool. Did not know you could paint it or that it’s indestructible. I tend to kill all plant life. I’m curious as to whether you can spray paint as well.

  4. says

    Ah, the wonders of paint. . .
    I like the clock, but the mason jar planters would be awesome on that wall in my opinion. I don’t think it would be that unbalanced, but I’m also pretty biased toward plants. They add so much life to a room!

  5. Jusa says

    Hard to tell from a photo what it would look like if you were standing, or sitting, there in the room. I’m wondering if you have enough sunshine for the plants to thrive. It’s cute. I’m sure it would look good there.

  6. says

    I wondered if paint would work myself. I’ve stripped the fake moss off of Dollar Store rocks for projects, but with this I could just brighten up real moss. I think I see a moss wreath and moss letters in my future! Thanks for posting this.