Fall Style Guide

Traditionally Home Depot has been looked at as a Hardware Store. A Guy’s Store.  But there are so many of us women who frequent the  isles of that Orange kingdom.

Home Depot has come out with a Fall Style Guide! I LOVE that they are focusing on design. I LOVE that they are appealing to women!

It went live yesterday but I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek on Monday.  The style guide is Ahhh-maaa-zing! It is set up a little differently than traditional online magazines. Not only can you click an arrow to go to the next page, but there are arrows on the bottom of the page too.  So lets say you are looking through and you come to the page on front doors/porches. If you want more information and more pictures about doors click the arrow on the bottom. If not, you can click to the next page. But trust me, you will want to look at the whole thing :)

I love that turquoise popped up here and there in the style guide. I love that color.  My office will be that color .  I loved the MEDALLION WALL. Holy CrAzY AWESOME!  And there are little video clips along the way if you want even more information.

So go check it out!  And get some inspiration for your next project :)

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  1. says

    hey Stacy, I always use an excuse to go to Home Depot with my husband…we both love it and usually get separate carts! hahahha. Will check out the online magazine!