The “How To’s” of My Bathroom

I was just going to do a tutorial on how I made the mirror but since I have received a ton of emails asking questions about other things in my vintage inspired bathroom I thought it would be easier to address it in a post. I will still do a mirror tutorial. I will post that tomorrow. But today I will share everything else.

old bathroom cabinet 673x1024 The How Tos of My Bathroom

My dad’s cabinet needed to be sealed. Not only was the paint chipping off but there is a possibility that it could be lead paint. I chose to use Minwax’s Polycrylic. It does not yellow things that are white like polyurethane does. I used a foam brush to apply it. It dries quickly since it is water based. It also does not smell as strong as other sealers which is a plus.

Minwax 24444 rw 202239 310521 The How Tos of My Bathroom

(Source: Google images)

The wall color is called Almond Biscotti and is made by Mythic paint. I had never tried Mythic before. I won two gallons  from a design contest. It says that is has zero toxins and is safe for the environment. Super cool. I was expecting it to smell like, well, nothing. It smelled like regular paint. Not a problem for me as I love the smell of fresh paint. I was just surprised I guess.

bathroom vanity2 1024x682 The How Tos of My Bathroom

mythic paint The How Tos of My Bathroom

(Source: Google images)

The door knob towel hooks were actually pretty easy. I took the threaded rod from the inside of the door knob like shown here:

door knobs 1024x682 The How Tos of My Bathroom

And we cut them in half using a hack saw and a clamp. These are what I put into the wall. I drilled a hole in the wall that was a little smaller that the threaded rod. The I used pliers to screw the rod into the wall. They were pretty tight but they did wiggle a tiny bit. I have 4 little boys. Some of which have been know to hang on the hooks and towel bars in our bathroom. So I added a little Gorilla Glue epoxy. Maybe it was unnecessary but I felt better :) P.S. I have lath and plaster wall so I did not have to worry about finding a stud in the wall.

door knob screw 809x1024 The How Tos of My Bathroom

The curtain fabric was bought at Joann’s Fabric. It is kind of funny because I had something specific in mind and I ACTUALLY said to my husband “I do NOT want eyelet.” When I picture eyelet material I think of the scalloped edges and such. I actually like it. I grew up with it everywhere. But I worried that it would be too old fashioned for this space. Ya’ll know I am a sucker for paisley! So when I saw this I was kinda in love. And I think it works :)

bathroom fabric 1024x767 The How Tos of My Bathroom

The bead board I stained using Minwax’s Gel Stain in Walnut. I am getting ready to seal it using Minwax’s Wipe-On Poly. I love the dark color that is different from the traditional white you usually see on bead board.

beadboardstained edited 1 1024x647 The How Tos of My Bathroom

I hope that covered all the questions :) Let me know if you would like to know anything else. And tomorrow I will share the mirror tutorial.



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  1. says

    Those Mythic paint cans remind me of the paint cans John Trovolti carried in the movie Saturday Night Fever. Next time I see that movie I will have to look closer!

  2. says

    I love that eyelet you found.
    I do have a question. We are in the process of painting our bathroom cabinet. If we use a flat paint and seal it will it stand up to wear after being sealed? I love your blog and all the inspiration it gives. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. says

    I adore this bathroom. What a unique twist on regular things! I may have to borrow a few since my husband is “teasing” me with the idea of putting bead board in our bathroom and Dining Room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Diane says

    I love your bathroom, great ideas. Could you tell me how you found the backplates for the door knobs or did you have those already. I have the door knobs, but not the backplates, and haven’t found a source yet. Thanks.

  5. Jen says

    I love the knob towel hooks! I’m wondering about attaching them to the wall- the rods are only threaded part way, when you say you screwed them in, did you screw in the square portion? In which case, didn’t it just make a larger hole? I want to do this in my bathroom but haven’t quite figured this part out. Thanks!