Design Inspiration From Nature

As part of my “try to relax/last hurrah before school starts” week, we went up the canyon for the afternoon. I spent so much time in the mountains growing up and I am  happy that my boys love it there too.

What is it about the water that draws little (and big!) boys to it? Throwing rocks, building dams, splashing, catching water bugs, and collecting moss that grows in the water was enough to keep them occupied for the whole afternoon.

Ooooo! I could just squeeze him all day!

I took my camera because well, I take it everywhere :) I was just planning on taking pictures of my kids playing (which I did) but then I was wondering up the creek and saw so many beautiful things that I started snapping shots of nature.

You know I love me some moss ;)

I am so inspired by nature! When you think of it, basically all the colors we use in design come from nature. God definitely knew what he was doing!

I now know what to do with my hallway. I went up the canyon to have fun with my boys  but I also came out of it with ideas! Our world is so amazing, how could you go somewhere this beautiful and NOT be inspired in some way?

We also found some cool rocks.

And what is nature without some bugs?

My kids LOVE water skeeters.

Where do you go when you need some inspiration???

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  1. says

    Beautiful pics! There are few things as inspiring as a hike in the woods. Though for me, the ultimate design inspiration can come from an afternoon spent sipping coffee in the Barnes & Noble cafe poring over design mags.

    My boys adore flipping rocks in the creek, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cindy says

    love the picture of the moss and all the other ones, however, my apartment has ants and I find them all over and even on me sometimes so there were a few pics that are just OK lol

  3. says

    I agree that being surrounded with nature is truly inspiring. My husband and I used to go on hikes frequently when we were dating. Climb mountains and sit at the top of a rock, take in the valley and amaze at the beauty and largeness of it all. Now we are somewhat limited with our hikes at times, but still love to get out camping in the woods, trips to the river and the ocean with the girls. Never ending inspiration out there!

  4. says

    Who knew ants were so hairy? I usually try not to look at them too closely. {shudder}
    loved your nature shots… but the rock one was pretty adorable {you know, for a rock}. I love to go to the Smoky Mountains for inspiration/refreshment but find just about anywhere I go that’s not my office is a huge perk!

  5. says

    OH wow! You and I are SO cut from the same cloth! We just got back from our camping trip and I’ve been editing my “nature photos” too. When (if) I ever get around to finishing the post, I am definitely linking it to this one (so people can see pics that someone who understands her camera has taken.) xoxo