Corbel Tutorial

Alright. Here is the tutorial for the corbel in my hallway.  P.S., I am moving the hallway decor to the laundry room. I have a good sized SUNNY laundry room that needs a major over haul and I think it would be a perfect fit :)

Okay, the tutorial!

I got an old  board from our garage. I free handed a design. It could be anything you want. You can find example online or dream up your own.

I used my jigsaw to cut out the design. (I heart my $20 jigsaw)

Then I repeated this step 4 more times so that I ended up with 5 of these. I labeled the first one with a one so that I could use that as the pattern every time. Cause a copy of a copy just isn’t the same. If you have seen Multiplicity the you know what I mean :)

I used my brad nailer (nail gun) to attach them together, one by one.

I had a piece of molding left over from my kitchen redesign so I cut it at 45 degree angles. I also cut out a rectangle that they would be nailed to.

I cut out another rectangle piece that was slightly smaller that the top piece with the molding. It got nailed on first. Then the top piece got nailed to that.

Here it is all nailed together! I puttied the nail holes and then sanded it smooth. Not too smooth though. I wanted it to look old.

I painted it this fun golden yellow and distressed it.

It makes a fun addition to my hallway and cost me nothing to make! Hey, who doesn’t like free???

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  1. says

    I am so glad you posted this! I was drooling over it when I saw it in your post the other day and mad at myself for not having any scrap wood big enough, but I DO have scrap wood big enough to do this! Thank You!

  2. catnap says

    Clever and resourceful. I admire a woman who owns power tools and knows how to use them. I’ve got tool envy.

  3. Pat says

    Hey there,
    Absolutely loved your blog and your creative genius. You amaze me. I tracked your blog through your stenciled ceiling shown in Better homes. My question to you is that wall paper or another stencil & blue paint you used for the walls? Where can I get a similar design stencil?
    Thanks so much. You rock!

  4. says

    I did almost the same design in our house but instead of putting them all together I drilled 2” diameter holes in the upper part and used them and dowels as curtain rods. After threading the dowel through the curtain I put it in the corbel on onside then the other. I then made finials out of store bought wood balls and double ended screws and placed those on the outside ends of the dowels. It really added substantial heft to my widow dressing since the windows were floor to ceiling and everything else we put up looked lacking.

  5. Leanne says

    Love this!! I want to make several for my kitchen but I’m not sure how to attach it to the wall- how did you?? Thanks!

  6. says

    OH WOW!! So creative! I would have never thought of this!! I love it!! See, I’m finding more and more on your blog that I gotta try!! Thanks again for sharing it all!! Hugs & Smiles, T

  7. Judi says

    Hi there

    I just found your website, and am SO glad I did, as I’ve been wanting some corbels in my home for ages, but they’re generally quite expensive, and as I just received a new scroll saw for my birthday, having found your tutorial I know what the first thing is I’m going to make with it. Thanks SO much for this really useful information.

    Judi in the UK