You are not “JUST” anything!

I am taking a little break from the outdoor spaces event because it is Sunday and I get all thoughtful and introspective on Sunday. There is a topic that has been on my mind for awhile now. Before I went to EVO (blog conference) I was pondering this, and some things that happened there made me think about it even more. Then when I went on Good Things Utah last week, the host asked me why I named my blog what I did.  I told her why and she said that she wanted me to give my answer when the cameras were rolling.  I don’t believe in coincidences. I think there was a reason it was on my mind and why I was asked FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER why I named my blog what I did. If it has been on my mind, then maybe  I need to share it in case someone else needs to hear it. So here is my spiel.

You are not JUST anything. I am sad when I hear someone ask another person what they do and they answer “Oh, just a ________”. You fill in the blank.  It could be anything. Just a mom. Just a student. Just a postal worker.  Just a blogger. You get the idea.

You are amazing! Whatever you do you should do your best and be proud! Own it. The next time someone asks you what you do leave out the JUST and say it with confidence.

My dad was a milk man. And he loved it. He was good at it too. He “owned” it, so to speak.  He never acted ashamed of what he did for a living. We lived next to people who had far more impressive jobs that made more money. I would say all of his friends probably had more impressive jobs. But his attitude affected my attitude about it. (Well, that and the free ice cream and popscicles :) )

I wish I had something more elaborate or mind blowing to say on the matter. I just think that sometimes we downplay the importance of what we do and I don’t think we should. Others do that enough for us. Hold you head up high and be proud to be a stay at home mom, a teacher, a cashier, a mechanic or whatever the heck you do!

Okay, I am done with my little speech. Thanks for letting me ramble on. I just think you are so wonderful. You all are so supportive of me with your sweet comments, emails about job leads, emails of encouragement, and helping spread the word about my little ‘ole blog. Love ya guys!!!

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  1. Christy says

    You are SO right! I feel like I am “JUST” a lot….and you have really opened my eyes about it! Do a speech anytime you feel! Have a wonderful night!

  2. Jackie says

    Thanks for this – we struggle with this sometimes. My husband is a “working man” – he doesn’t sit in an office or have lunch meetings. He does tough, hard labor, work – for 60 hours a week. He goes to work before many people are up and than works until they are going home. He is fantastic at what he does but is often met with the “oh, you are just . . .”. I get it too. Why? Because when people ask what I do and I say I stay home with my kids – guess what they say? “Oh, you are JUST a SAHM”. JUST?? HA! They should try it ;-) Love, love LOVE this post!

    • Radhika says

      SAHM = Such A Hardworking Mom :D Wear it proudly….my Mom did and because she did, my sis and I turned out to be better human beings! Btw, your husband is also a SAHM = Such A Hardworking Man!

  3. says

    thank you for this insight. I find myself saying I am Just an adjunct college instructor all of the time and I hate that I do that! I not only worked hard to get where I am, I absolutely love teaching adults!! It is not easy work, but ohhhhh so rewarding. I need to take pride in what I do!!!!! Thank YOU!!

  4. Jennifer says

    Love this post and I loved when you shared it on Good Things Utah. Thank you for the reminder that we all do important work.

  5. says

    Good post! I think many of us need to be reminded of that once in a while. We are many things, especially when we are raising children, nurses, teachers, cooks, drivers, tailors, lovers, gardeners, so on and so, you get the point. You said it very well.


  6. says

    Thank you so much for following your instincts and sharing your thoughts with others. I think many many people need to hear this.
    Meghan Young

  7. says

    This was really great. I love the fact that you feel this way about being a house wife and a blogger and all the other amazing things you do. Its so nice to read an up beat post about being proud of what you do. I also (finally) read your “about me” section and love the fact that you said “a small budget just forces you to get creative” that speaks volumes to me because I am on a tight(ish) budget as a new wifey and buying expensive things to decorate with is just out of the question :)
    BTW I added a “Projects” page to my blog and put your button on it!
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  8. says

    What a great post and a great reminder to women everywhere that we are more than the label that society (or ourselves!!!) places on us. Thank you thank you for being so encouraging, even during a challenging time for you and your family. I can’t wait to find you in my BH&G!!

  9. says

    this is the second time I read in a blog about “owning it” and I now agree and understand what your saying. I used to say I just painted birds…now I can say I’m a folk artist. I need to own it.

  10. says

    I really like this. This is positive thinking at the core, and we should not be ashamed of the positive things in our lives. I’m very inspired by your blog and I appreciate you sharing your life and creativity with me (not JUST me, but everyone ;)!


  11. says

    I’ve always loved the name of your blog because one of my pet peeves is the “I’m Just a mom” or “you’re Just a mom/housewife” comments. I know I sure am not Just anything. There is a great responsibility in just about everything we do, especially moms. We are after all raising the next generation.

  12. says

    Thanks so much for writing this. I do usually say Just a SAHM, but I’m dropping the just. Thanks for the reminder that there is nothing trivial about what I do.

  13. says

    I so agree! I hate when people say “Oh, just a housewife?” when they ask what I do. Yeah, I keep the house running – it’s not such an easy task when you are raising nine children. The job duties are endless…and there are no breaks! LOL

  14. Nichol says

    I came across this website with reference from BHG magazine. I have a site I am working on myself, but am learning and it’s very frustrating. In regards to this subject, I have been feeling trapped, less than average lately. You see we just move away from everyone and everything a couple of months ago. I am a nurse and have decided to take on the stay at home role while our kids and family get adjusted to our new life. I have always been strong and strong minded, and not feeling so lately. I feel there was a reason I was to come across your blog and read this entry. It helped me settle the unsettled feelings I was surrounded by. I am a lot of things (I am saying with confidence!!), but I am not “just” anything. I have worked hard, wanted, and earned everything that I am. Thanks for the boost I was needing and didn’t know it!

  15. says

    I’m riding on the BHG fan wave but have to tell you how inspiring your blog is! I’m also a mom blogger and while I’ve done a few articles on recycled projects and decorating, I have nothing compared to this. Complements to your amazing creativity and boldness in keeping it real ;)

  16. Maria says

    It’s very true. But I can’t understand one think. If it was your dream t be a stay at home mom (or a teasher, or a mechanic and so on) – it’s Ok. But if it’s not my dream and I want more then to be just a mother or I want something else except mothering and householding? What I can do in this case? How can I be happy? To bury my wishes and dreams?
    Thank you.

  17. says

    I envy the women of my mother’s generation (she had me very late in life, so she’s from the generation where women weren’t expected to work in order to have an identity). She embraced her role in life as a mother, homekeeper, and wife. The other areas that enriched her soul were related to all of those things. She was a dear friend, a dear sister, mother, music teacher (taught organ lessons in her home)…..she was full to the brim with contentment from the joys that all of this brought her. Never once did she ever think she “should” be doing something else as well. I have a daily battle with this. I “should” be working full time because I have a degree. Even though for many years I was a stay at home mom and that’s what brings me joy, and what I do best. That generation didn’t have that emotional struggle and pressure from her peers and I envy them.

    • says

      So true, Kate. I think this is where the heart of the battle for housewives and stay-at-home moms really happens. Our culture minimizes our choice and we are left to feel like we are not contributing enough.

  18. says

    Stacy, I couldn’t believe it when I found your blog! I am new to the blogging scene and I had no idea that yours existed until I went searching for mine on google and found yours! I did not find mine, incidentally, but I’m small potatoes:) I love this post because I can agree with the train of thought– Literally! Only, mine came out a little differently. I agree that housewives are always feeling minimized and my thought was to claim it proudly! I don’t have to come up with fancy ways to tell people what I do in order to justify my life, it’s valuable because it’s mine and I do it with all of myself. I love this and agree with this and I think you’re great! Housewives are an amazing bread doing an unpopular job, so it’s so refreshing to find kindred spirits. Thank you!

  19. says

    Hi Stacy,
    I stumbled upon your blog and saw this post.
    I just wanted to say I absolute loved this post. I have recently started to “own” what I do. I’m a housewife. I’m 23 and I’m married to a wonderful man. I have encountered a lot of judgement from family and friends for our decision in me not working outside our home.
    For me this post was refreshing and a nice reminder. I’m not just a housewife, so thank you for the reminder.
    I very much enjoy your blog.

    Liz Zikmund

  20. says

    I agree with this 100%. The first time this hit me, I was in an elevator at a hospital and someone asked a lab coated lady if she was a doctor. She replied “Oh no, I’m just a medical student”. I was like WOAH, wait a minute… you go to school for 4 years to get top grades in undergrad studies, then apply to medical school and get in which is one of the hardest things to do, then you obviously stay in it long enough to be allowed to do your rotations, and you say you are are “just” a medical student?? O_o Then like 3 seconds lady the person asking told her “you are not JUST a medical student, you are a medical student, and I’m glad you are here preparing yourself to maybe help me a couple years from now”. It was just awesome. :)