Old Door Privacy Screen

I am SUPER excited to show you my last project from the Outdoor Spaces Event!!! I think it is my favorite :) I used old doors that came from my 1938 home to build a screen.

I painted them the same colors as the flower pots and chairs. (Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze, Almond, Pichatio, and white) I have not sealed these yet but I will use Minwax’s Helmsman.

I have this screen set up on my grass because we don’t have our patio/pergola built off the back of our house  yet. I recommend that if you have painted items outside to first seal them, and then consider the placement of them carefully. You want them to last as long as possible. Keep things out of the direct spray of sprinklers. Under some sort of cover would be ideal. I also store all outdoor decor in my garage during the winter.

Also, when I put it in it final spot, I am going to find a way to anchor it to the back of my house. It is very sturdy, but I do have kids and you never know. I figure it is better to be safe than sorry.

Wouldn’t this be pretty as a backdrop for a wedding too? I just thought of that…

I am so excited to see what outdoor ideas you guys link up tomorrow! I am hanging out at Studio 5 today so I will post a clip later of my segment. Guess what I am talking about….

old door privacy screen

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  1. Colette says

    Stacy, you never cease to amaze me! I wish I had one ounce of your creativity. I love this and hope I can find some doors to do this with. Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I love it!!! I just got an old door from a small town about 45 minutes away and I can’t wait to paint it. I have big plans for it. Love how yours turned out.

  3. says

    Oh. My. Love. This is GORGEOUS! I love everything about it! Now I’m wishing I had enough garden space to make something like this for myself! :)

  4. says

    Stacy this is SOOO cute! and perfect timing, just yesterday I was in our basement looking at an old door we have down there and I told my husband I need to find another door and paint and hinge them together to make a screen for my laundry area!
    Now you’ve got me all excited to do it!!

  5. says

    Love the privacy screen – the colors are so pretty! I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to take down the old doors in my house…. but I can definitely start watching around the neighborhood – there’s always a random house part or two put out at the street around here after a sunny weekend! :-) New follower to your blog – can’t wait to catch up on all of your projects!

    • Stacy says

      Thank you! All the doors in my house are still the original ones. I just had extra because of tearing down a wall in the basement and from the garage. Our house, like most older homes, had a dorr for every room. A door to the kitchen a door to the hall. It was crazy how many doors our tiny house had! The previous owners took down a few too :) I hope you find some doors!!!

  6. says

    I HAVE NO WORDS! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! I had to share your blog on my facebook and I hope you do not mind! For years I have been trying to explain to my daughter the sort of screen that I wanted for my living room and here you are . . . WOW! Thank you for your talent and for sharing! No Words! Just incredible! Blessings!!!

  7. says

    OMG what a wonderful idea! I’ve been thinking about a screen for my yard and this will be perfect! Thanks for sharing. Warm hugs, Esther

  8. says

    Thank you for sharing you wonderful creative ideas. I really appreaciate your tallent and enjoy looking at your finished products to see what I can do in my own home and environment to upcycle!

    Keep up the awesome work/fun you are having! The rest of will benifit in the long run and the Earth will defininatley be a better place. Thanks again!

    Danita Courtney from Midcoast Miscellany

  9. Pam the Goatherd says

    I’ve had this project in the back of my mind ever since I first saw it, but didn’t have any doors to work with. Saturday when I was at the dump recycling newspapers a guy drove in with a pick-up truck load of “junk” to dump that was topped off by a wood door with lots of character. He gladly loaded it into the back of my pickup for me. Now I just need to find three more…

  10. Kristi says

    I LOVE this!!! How is it holding up to the weather? Do you have to bring it inside during the winter or did you put something on it to protect it?

  11. EmSue says

    I finally got four doors! Bought the hinges last weekend. Unfortunately, I have a “regular job” and won’t have time to put it together until next weekend. Then I’ll go scrounging for some cool doorknobs – the “jewelry” to put the finishing touch on it. I’m a little late getting to it, but when you love something, it’s never TOO late. And I do love this idea! Thank you!!

  12. Cindy says

    I have three french doors that I am wanting to make a screen to reduce the wind on our upper deck when we are BBQn or just hanging out. I want to keep a view, but stop the wind. My issue is keeping them from falling over because of the wind, and making them moveable without being an inconvenience. Any suggestions?

  13. Jan says

    I just want to know how you secured the doors so they don’t fall over. I saw this photo and have bought some doors to do this. Did you secure them into the ground somehow. Please share. Thanks.

  14. says

    What a cute idea! I have that same pot and twisted evergreen in my yard right now, and I love how alive and Spring-y yours looks. (I’m always afraid that evergreens will remind people of Christmas and only Christmas.) Thanks for the advice about sealing items after I paint them too. I plan on going on a painting spree very soon, and I’ll be glad that I found these tips!

  15. Linda says

    I l like your doors. I was blessed last wk. my neighbor and friend came over; I was telling her about my butterfly bush. She came over and told me she would be back tomorrow to help !We help each other out but never to this extent. She has and “eye” and her yard is lovely. I have this huge butterfly bush I did not know what to do with. My hubby asked what to do, if it snows it is going to break. My answer was cut it down. So my friend I told her and she and I pruned and shaped and Wow! it is going to be fine for winter. Then we went bed to bed weeding, moving and removing plants. While I was weeding, she went around my garden beds and found my whimsical items and put them where she felt they gave an impact ! 8 hours later my garden was finished. Then we decorated my bristol table inside my pergola, and rearranged the patio furniture. It was fun , but I was tired by night time :0 Then I went out and finished the side yard a couple days ago.

  16. Kristy says

    I was wondering how these have weathered over the years? I am wanting to build a fence from doors, but I wasn’t sure how do go about painting them. What should I do to seal them. I doubt they are 100% wood…


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