Flowers On The Clothes Line

outdoor spaces 1024x438 Flowers On The Clothes Line

Idea #5 Outdoor Party Decor

When thinking about having guests over, do you sometimes wonder how to camouflage the not so attractive things in your yard? You could throw a sheet over them, or you could decorate them!

Do you have a clothesline? Why not hang some mason jars vases from them???

flowers hanging clothesline1 1024x682 Flowers On The Clothes Line

I first wrapped wire around below the rim of the jar and then created a handle. Since they are heavy when filled with water, I hung then by twisting a smaller piece of wire around the handle and the clothesline.

flowers in jar 875x1024 Flowers On The Clothes Line

The clothes pin then hides the wire. This was a free project for me because I always have wire on hand, and jars. The flowers came from my flower bed.

flowers clothesline 682x1024 Flowers On The Clothes Line

flowers clothes line 1024x650 Flowers On The Clothes Line

I think they look so charming and cheerful!

flowers on clothes line 1024x668 Flowers On The Clothes Line

When decorating for your next party, think outside the box :) Sometimes good ideas come from trying to solve a problem (like and eye sore in your yard)!!!

flowers clothe pin 682x1024 Flowers On The Clothes Line



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  1. jester says

    What a cool idea! My husband yelled at me & thought I was nuts when I spray painted my clothesline poles…a nice pretty burgandy. I don’t see why it has to be ugly dull metal….Ithink you just gave another new idea!

  2. says

    I LOVE this idea. I am planning my Daughter’s first birthday party and we are going with a Flower theme and this is perfect. I will definetly doing this. Thanks for the idea.

  3. Linda says

    Love this idea. Since I get so much strong wind, not sure how practical, but has me thinking about something permanent with flowers (plastic or silk) on the poles themselves. Take care.