Add some color!!!

 IDEA#3  Add some color!

The quickest, and sometimes the cheapest, way to update a space is with paint. This is also true with your outdoor space. Do you have an old patio set? Don’t throw it out. Spray paint it! Are your shutters looking drab? Paint them! Do you have boring old flower pots? Paint!!! You get the idea.

One of the ways I added color to my yard was painting some old chairs. I got these chairs from online classifieds. They were all $10.00 each. I cleaned them really well, primed them, then spray painted them. Then I sealed them with Helmsman outdoor sealer by Minwax. I was torn at first between fun, bright, slightly obnoxious colors and earth tones. I obviously chose the earth tones. It doesn’t matter what colors you choose. Just have fun with it. If you decided next year you want to change it. You can!

I am planning on adding more chairs to our collection but these work for now. My boys think they are perfect for a place to rest after doing yard work :)

 Tomorrow I have another idea for you…

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    Stacy, what an inspiring post. We definitely agree that color can change a room or an object in dramatic and beautiful ways. Plus, it’s generally inexpensive and easy to do. Great post!!!

  2. says

    Love the colors you chose. They all work together because of the similar tonal quality and really tie the different shapes together. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

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    I just fetched the mail and as always, went straight to the last page of my Better Homes and Gardens. I LOVE your ceiling! Great creativity and so glad to see I am not the only one who takes on painting projects that last for days :)
    ~jan at The Paisley Cupcake