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Thank you so much Stacy for having me here today!  If you don’t know who I am, I’m Ashli and I’m from the Maillardville Manor. We’re all about living green, living simply and living beautifully!

With the arrival of Summer so too arrives my need to redecorate, and although my budget doesn’t allow me such luxuries I have devised a few ways to lighten and brighten our home, and a few ways to get the summer off to a great start.

1) Add Flowers! It’s so simple, nothing says spring and summer like flowers.
Bonus points for a bright flower pot or vase.

2) WHITE, add white! White pillows, white slipcovers, white flowers, white dishes, white curtains, white anything will aid in a bright, airy feeling.

3) Plants! Bring the outdoors in!!

4) Natural accessories, shells, drift wood, bamboo, anything to bring the outdoors in!

5)Books with bright colored spines. Add some bright colors with your books, you’ve already bought them, use ’em.

6) To me Spring and Summer call for a little bit of whimsy, some fun pieces  to lighten up the mood!

7) Organize! Summer is a time for easy, breezy living. A little organization on the home front makes impromptu plans easy!

8) Stock up the freezer. Some homemade pesto, or a couple of frozen pizza saves money on the nights your too tired from the beach to make dinner.

9) 4 Words:  “Crisp White Cotton Sheets”

10) A hair cut and bright collar for your fuzzy friend.

A big thank you again to Stacy for hosting me here today! Please feel free to stop by The Manor and say hi :)

*Great Tips Ashli!!! I have had the urge to organize and freshen up my house lately. These will come in handy :) I hope you all will go check out her blog and see her other amazing ideas!

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  1. Bethany Kingma says

    LOVE! I have a quick question… Ashli, where did you find those A & Z bookends? I’ve been looking all over for something like that (at a reasonable price)!!

  2. Christine says

    This is a crazy late question, but what kind/brand of canisters are those that you store your flours/sugars in? I’ve never seen any so clear and streamlined! I love them!! Thanks……