Show Me What YA Got #26

I have so many projects I am working on it is NUTS! And none of them are done. I am running out of steam. . . I had the hubs stay home from work yesterday and work on the kitchen.  I swear it is never going to get done! It has rained practically non-stop and so that means no spray painting the new cabinets that FINALLY got delivered and installed. And Saturday we had to rush our 4 year old to the ER after he cut his head open. Poor little guy fell on a big rock while playing outside during the one moment of good weather we had. It ended up not being as bad as we thought. I knew head wounds bled a lot but still wasn’t prepared for just HOW much. The rest of the Saturday was spent snuggling him on the couch.  My goal is to do the big reveal next Monday.  I have company coming this week so it kinda has to get done.

I don’t have anything done to share but I hope YOU do!

*Max of 2 projects

*Link up new things and not things you have already linked up here  before

*No etsy shops, things you are selling, or giveaways please

*Visit some of the other links and leave comments. We all love comments :)

*Spread the word about this linky party by adding my button, linking back, or adding me to your linky party list. I’m not picky. Just put it somewhere :)



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    Thanks for hosting, Stacey! Good luck with everything you have in the works… your kids getting hurt changes your day in a hurry, eh? Then I sit there with them feeling like my priorities are more screwed up than ever! :p Hope you have a great rest of the week!

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    I am so sorry to hear about your little guy. I hope he is recovering well. My nephew fell at the park a few months back and had to have stitches. I remember what an ordeal that er visit was. I hope this week is less eventful for you :>