Studio 5 clip!

I just got home and I haven’t even watched this myself yet, but here you go! I think the segment went pretty well but I embarrassed myself after. I have never had a cell phone before but my husband got a new phone and there is another month left on his old phone si I have used it when I need it. I took it because the producer said to give her a call if anything happened (remember last time???). I am not use to having it and wasn’t thinking about the phone when all of a sudden I get a text from my husband to tell me good job. They were filming the next segment and it was loud! I ran off stage and turned it off. After the segment was done taping Brooke (one of the hosts) yells “WHO”S PHONE WENT OFF!!!” I wanted to die…. I felt so bad.

But over all  it was fun and I got to go to lunch with some awesome friends after.


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    You’re such a natural on camera! Great job! Funny about the cell phone. My problem is that I remember to turn the ringer off, but then forget to turn it back up, so then I miss a ton of calls & texts. Thanks for sharing.