Good Things Utah Clip

I think I did better this time around. I am pretty sure I only said “yep” 3 times instead of the 49 times like last time. I didn’t get all the info in there but it went pretty smoothly. They are all so nice over there! Everyone from the producer, to the interns, to the hosts :) LOVE them!!! I am planning on posting a staining guide and also a painting guide that will be on my sidebar all the time. But not today. I got all the garbage bags full of laundry out of the garage last night so today is a laundry party.

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  1. MeenyMoe says

    You are so cute! Great job! You sounded so professional and looked totally at ease, even if you thought you didn't! LOL – Karen

  2. Heather Johnson says

    You did great. It was fun to see you and learn about the gel stain. I am less familiar with it.

  3. The Ewell's says

    I loved seeing you on GTU and learning about your blog! You're exactly what I've been looking for. We really need to redo our kitchen cabinets and I can't figure out what to do…if I want to antique them or stain them. Any suggestions?!? I'll take all the advice!
    I have a picture on my blog


  4. Stephanie says

    That was great! Very imformative! I am SOOOOO glad that I saw it, since I am getting ready to stain a table top using the gel stain! I used the gel stain already to glaze the chairs, but had not actually used it as a stain yet. Thanks for the info and the tips. Now that I know I will need to wait at least 8 hours, I won't be as impatient with it! :)

  5. Debbie / Cranberry Fries says

    This is so great! I actually feel like I can do this now. I've been dieing to do my bathroom cabinets (they're so old their is flecks all over it). Thanks!