The dark side of blogging

I am pretty new to this whole blogging thing. Today marks six months since I have launched both of my blogs. I found the world of blogging about a year ago but I only knew about 2 of them. I totally thought I was braving new territory! Ha! Little did I know that there are thousands. If I would have know everything that I know now I don’t know if I would have been brave enough to start one. There is a lot of pressure to have a great blog. Especially if you have advertisers that are counting on you. Plus, there are those “perfect” blogs that intimidate the heck out of me and make me feel inferior. I will admit that I have stopped following some blogs that have made me jealous. That little green monster has reared his ugly head more than a few times.


I also see some blogs that always show magazine worthy pictures and they always talk as if things are also running smoothly in their life. To be honest, I HATE that. I used to feel bad when I read them. And I told myself when I started this blog that I would try hard to be completely honest. I would share the good and the bad. If a project was hard, or didn’t go as planned, or took a long time, I would tell you. I don’t want you thinking something was easy when it wasn’t. I do try to have a room tidy before taking a picture but not to make you think that my house is always clean (cause it is NOT) but so the toys and clutter isn’t distracting and taking the spotlight away from what I am trying to show you. 9 times out of 10 I am just shuffling clutter out of the way, snapping the picture, and moving it right back.

I NEVER want any of you to feel bad when reading my blog. I had a comment the other day from someone who said they felt intimidated at first when they read my blog. She said she had 2 kids and couldn’t believe all that I got done with four. First of all my oldest is nine and is a big helper. He can keep the other kids happy for a little while if I need him too. Plus I am a freak. I don’t like to sit still. If  I don’t have 3 or 4 things going on I go nuts. Not everyone is like that. Everyone is different. I find that when I focus on projects my house falls apart. If I focus on my house nothing else gets done. I never have it all together. None of us do. (Right?? Cause I don’t want to feel bad. . .)

This post is kinda all over the place. Sorry! I just wanted you to know that I want this blog to be a place where we all share our projects and our feelings about life and being a mom. I want this to be a place of inspiration and where everyone feels comfortable. I am a mom who loves her kids like cRaZy but yells too much. A mom who doesn’t do the dishes very often. A mom who doesn’t wear makeup except on Sundays, and has a pony tail most days. My hat is my BFF. I have more painting clothes that regular clothes. I hate trendy things because I don’t like the idea of having to switch them out later on. Because of that I don’t really keep up with the trends. I don’t like having what everyone else has which is why I make everything. I am a mom who is CHEAP. FRUGAL. A TIGHT WAD. Another reason I make everything. I can’t sing. I have 2 left feet and zero rhythm. I can’t spell worth a darn. I am not very fashionable. I could go on but I am starting to realize I not very cool and to keep me feeling positive I better switch gears :)

And just to prove my point about never getting it all done at the same time I am going to show you what my office looks like RIGHT NOW. Keep in mind I have 4 projects going on right now and 2 TV appearances I am preparing things for. Here ya go! Just keepin’ it real people.

Yep. Take a good long look. Go ahead and double click it to enlarge it. Yep. That is a bright orange Lia. Yep. There’s a Thanksgiving art project one of my kids brought home from school….in November. Yep. Everything that should be in my tool boxes are out of the tool boxes.
My office is currently the place where half finished projects go to die….. or wait to be finished. It is the “catch all” room of the house. Most people have a junk drawer. I have a junk room. Now in my defense, it doesn’t always look like this. But when things are crazy (like 4 sick kids) then I just throw everything in there and close the door. Then at least the other parts of my house look alright.
So there you go. All of my confessions. Do you feel better? I suddenly feel the need to eat chocolate…..

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  1. The Vintage Farmhouse says

    Oh my…wow…..THANK YOU for keeping it real!! Seriously, my house looks like that a lot of days. It makes me feel normal to see someone posting like this!

  2. Dixie Mom says

    I feel much better already. I think we all go through that phase of comparing our blogs to others. There is def some perfect stuff out there. When I get feeling like that, I just back away for a couple of days so that I can regroup and remember why I'm blogging to begin with.
    Thanks for sharing your picture…I think we can all relate to that aspect of our lives as well… :)

  3. Leslie says

    I love blogs that keep it real. I try really hard to keep mine real, especially when things don't go planned on a project.

  4. Paige (Final Clothes-Out) says

    I love it when bloggers keep it real instead of only showing the good stuff.

    My office looks like that a lot, too!

  5. Jennifer :) says

    Awesome post. :) I don't know how to get things done with only one baby sometimes, much less four!! :)

  6. Erica @ says

    Thank you for your honesty! Most of us can relate…and have similar stories. I always remind myself that for every 'better' blog (you can apply this to anything) there is always the opposite (I don't want to say worse but not sure the word to use).

  7. laxsupermom says

    Great post! I think we all push the clutter out of the way to take pics. Or we crop our pics so tightly because we've noticed the random detritus in the background. I love all the projects you share, and if that means you have dirty dishes in the sink, well consider this an endorsement of that. There is no way to be perfect at everything. Thanks for writing what so many of us are thinking.

  8. Lauren Guess says

    that is refreshing to read :) i hate blogs that are perfect anyways.. nobody's life is perfect!

  9. Catherine says

    I love it when successful bloggers (yes, like you!) "confess" that their houses are actually messy sometimes. It helps me not to feel so bad. But you've only been blogging for 6 months (me too) and you have two TV appearances and as many followers/subscribers as you do? Wow! That's pretty awesome!

  10. CannyCole says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am new to blogging and i do find myself drooling over how neat and clean others houses are…or how pretty they decorate…when in reality…i wish i could start a project and finish one!! It's so hard when you have a gazillion things to do…and i don't even have kids!! Thank you for being so honest. You're like a "real life" person! HAHAHA.

  11. April says

    Lol! I am the same way I cannot sit still…except to blog that is. lol oh good so you do have unfinished projects? I was seriously like how the heck does she do it!!! Maybe we should have a "Keepin' it real party" where we can all link up our "real" houses and check out everyone elses and go…yay! I'm normal….sorta lol! Thanks for sharing…

  12. 2busy says

    I love that you are real and honest the most. I often get jealous of others followers. How the heck do people build those huge followings. I don't think I'm THAT boring…

  13. nightowl_72 says

    Well I think you are amazing and I concur with the post above from Catherine. I'm amazed at your success over such a short time. Congratulations!

    I'm scared to start my own blog too. There are so many out there doing the same kinda stuff… how many is too many?

  14. Christine says

    Now wait a minute. You have been blogging for exactly one week longer than I have. Yet, you have more than 10x the google followers that I have, you have had tv appearances and you're worried about "better blogs"? I'm just going to unfollow you and join the dust bunnies under the bed now ;-)

  15. Jenny says

    You hit the nail on the head when you said that the rest of the house slips when working on projects. That is SO true. Yes, my room/project that I'm working on may look pretty (aside from the nail gun that's sitting in the hallway, pushed out of the way), but the rest of the house is trashed now since the kids have been making messes while I "focus".

    I think everyone here appreciates your candor and can totally relate to what you're saying. I know I can anyway. :-)

  16. UtahMillers says

    THANK YOU!! I am so grateful that there is someone in blog land keeping it real. I am not trendy and my hair is always in a ponytail. I feel so much better about that now. I play with my son and he doesn't care one bit about how I look. I do get fancy for date nights and that's about it. Congratulations on all your success!

  17. Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs says

    Thank you for that post. Every time you bare your soul like that and just honestly throw it all out there for others to see, AND RELATE TO, it just truly inspires me! I too get jealous over some people's blogs. I always tell myself not to, cause some of them I just adore. But then there is a part of me that says.. hey I have done that before and I didnt get nearly as much attention as she did.. what does she have that I dont? Why does everyone think she is so great and not me? LOL I start to get mad, and jealous.. its so silly of me.
    Im glad Im not the only one. And I know this isnt a competition. SO thanks for the words of encouragement. Thanks for the inspiration. Keep doing what you are doing! Cause youre doing great and keeping it real!

  18. MeenyMoe says

    Love that you keep it real all the time! :) You are an encouragement! I am like you…busy all the time. I never sit still! – Karen

  19. Rachael @ The Little Birdie says

    I "rearrange" for my photos too, don't feel bad! It's always nice to see REAL people blogging and having success, so thanks for being a breath of fresh air! We love ya, clutter or not, haha! :)

  20. Jenna says

    thanks so much for this, I totally feel so many of those things. I too get jealous at the "perfect" blogs and how much people seem to get done. I feel like I'm always scrambling to get everything done just so I can have a few minutes to make and craft and sew and have my me time. Thanks for showing us your messy room and all.

  21. Erika . . . with a K says

    Your honestly is awesome!! Aren't all of our lives like that? No one is perfect, I am far from it! My basement storage/laundry/work area looks like your office right now. My husband's office looks like that office too!

  22. Kristi@living-blessed-life says

    As I sit here at 9:30 still in my robe, drinking coffee and eating goldfish, because the baby was up all night and I'm just too tired to do anything your post has made me feel sooooooo good!

    I also try to keep things real-like I just posted a picture of the before mentioned scene! I like knowing that i'm not the only blogger mommy that can't get it all done around life, kids, husband and homework while trying to blog the progress.

    Thanks for your wonderful post, you.are.awesome!

  23. Jaclyn says

    Thanks for this post. It was pretty awesome! I am glad that you keep it down to earth and real! I really appreciate it! I know what its like to be intimidated by another persons blog that you think is so amazing =) Thanks so much!!

  24. Kelli @ RTSM says

    I totally feel you on this one:) My craft room {aka the dining room} is and has been a major wreck for weeks! I honestly haven't even been in there in almost two weeks except to get to the printer! I don't like when other blogs seem so perfect either, but then I think that they are just trying to put their best foot forward. I do love it when blogger show the real mess behind the craftiness though:)

  25. Claudia says

    I could have written that blog…. lol. I have four kids as well and LIFE HAPPENS. I'm glad that my reality is the same as others' reality. I CAN'T do it all. I just do what I can, when I can. My best today could be better tomorrow. Who knows?

  26. Lois@frugaldecormom says

    Love this post! I have a very small blog and have realized that I have to do it for me or it's just not as fun! I always love reading your blog and love all of your projects! I to find that when I'm working on a project my house goes to the crapper! Case in point right now–tore out and redid a closet and the house hasn't been the same since it started! I usually get to the point where I can't take it anymore and have to set everything else aside and get clean and organized again. It's such a vicious cycle! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Alecia says

    Oh my gosh Thank YOU! I was just thinking the other day as I read about someone's ridiculously supportive and adorable husband and perfect children…"GAG!" I usually want to kick my husband in the knees and my children are teenagers so they're not very likable right now. I adore my family and love my life but it's not as perfect as some make theirs out to be. Thank you! From, another real woman

  28. Ashley says

    Kudos to you for keeping it real. I think every blogger should post their good projects and the fails. It makes them real to all of their readers. I talk about recipes or crafts that I've failed at, too. Everyone is human. P.S. My office looks like a mess A LOT…lol!

  29. Rebecca says

    I heart this post. I have blogged for a few years off and on and had several times that I felt just the same as you have. I often have to remind myself that a picture zoomed out would often look similar to my world. And if it doesn't that's okay too, I may be in a different season of life than someone else.

    And TV appearances? What is that about?

  30. Sky Buffat says

    LOVE this post and your honesty! Oh I have a room that looks all too similar to yours myself! And I sometimes prop patterned paper against the clutter to use as a background for pics! Thanks for relating to your readers so well… take it easy on yourself- you deserve more credit than you give yourself all the way around! :)

  31. Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand says

    You've inspired me to show the dark side of my crafting…you think your office is bad? Wait till you see what my craftroom looks like!


  32. Tiffani Rose says

    I love this post! It is so nice to know that other moms don't have it all together all the time. Thank you so much for keeping it real!

  33. Rachel says

    i'm liking this. i think we ALL feel intimidated by those blogs. but i think we're supposed to. gives us something to work towards or to admire. keep on being awesome. i think you're doing great.

  34. Elizabeth says

    THANK YOU!!! I am a new working mother of only ONE baby, and the only blogging I do is a family one… and I always feel when reading these blogs that I am somehow failing because I can't even finish one sewing project without everything falling to pieces! It is refreshing to see that you aren't all as perfect as your blogs make you seem… :)

  35. Amanda says

    This post made me smile. My office looks just as bad, the only difference is it's just off the front door and there is no door to close! How embarrassing. It's nice to know that life is full of messes for all of us sometimes. :)

  36. Anonymous says

    LOVE this post and your honesty. I too want to be the perfect mother, wife, blogger, friend, etc. etc. but most of the time I'm just holding it all together with duct tape and a prayer. And you inspired me to air my dirty laundry ;) on my blog today!

    Keri @

  37. Ellen says

    I had to Laugh out Loud, loudly in reading your most perfect post!!! "Double click to enlarge"… Still laughing, 'cause I relate in all you wrote (ponytail wearer, & do you mean there are clothes WITHOUT paint on them?? – who knew?? ;) ) and you are absolutely right on every point. Thanks for making it heard in a positive way!!


  38. Christine says

    Hi Stacy, thanks for visiting Crafty Geordi! I hope that you knew I was joking in my earlier comment! I am actually very envious of your success but not in a way to make me feel bad, I look at the successful blogs to try to see what works for them. It inspires me to step up my game, if you will. I also have to remember that I have unique limitations (I am a long commuter, spending 5 hours a day in the car) and to go easy on myself…..
    BTW, I love your blog and I wouldn't dream of unfollowing. I don't comment too often but am a frequent lurker.

  39. Nat Mac says

    Oh my I thought I liked your blog before but I LOVE your blog!! I just read on facebook that your follower #'s went down today and hadn't read this post yet. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who can't look at certain blogs because I have a hard time believing they live in a perfect tiny bubble. I'm also glad to know I'm not the only one who pushes the junk out of the way for a picture, just to move it right back. I admire you for being so honest!!

  40. Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) says

    I love your blog. I am a new follower and added to your link party. Thank you for sharing so honestly about blogging. I thought I was the only one that can't get it ALL done sometimes so either you post an AWESOME blog while all hell breaks loose inside your house or the house is clean and the dishes are done, and dinner is made. Life is a compromise and balancing act for everyone. I agree with inadequate while looking at some SUPER blogs with perfect pics and perfect EVERYTHING. Its too hard to live up to that. I am just happy being me.

  41. Nancy says

    You know how I feel. Love your stuff. You are awesome, and even more awesome for the humility you show through real honesty. Keep it coming!

  42. Jessica says

    Thanks for this post. I "kinda" have a blog. I feel bad about not posting very frequently, but I'm always so busy actually doing the stuff I'm supposed to be blogging about. I have great intentions, but lack some of the follow-through. Thanks for showing that, while it's hard, it can be done, and realistically, without aiming for perfection.

  43. Lindsay says

    Okay you are totally freaking me out! I swear that you were reading my mind. This post sounds just like me! I just made myself do the dishes because we didn't have any bowls for mac n' cheese.. and I have to throw all the laundry on the floor just to get into bed at night. And I shower everyday only because I have paint EVERYWHERE! I have 3 boys and they are so fun but like you I yell too much- My kids don't hear me sometimes if I don't yell. Anyway keep doin what you are doin' you're awesome!
    We love ya and love your blog!


  44. Rita says

    wow… that was a honest and brave post!!! In some things I feel like you!!!
    Love your blog, Stacy!!!

  45. Faith, Trust, and a Little Pixie Dust says

    Wow,you've only been blogging for 6 months & have over 1,500 followers! Way to go. I have been blogging for a year & I was thrilled to reach 250 today! Ha ha! Your blog is so great & I visit often. Thanks for hosting another linky party. AND I appreciated this post. Is was fun to learn more about you.

    Warmly, Michelle

  46. Prairie Patch says

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Stacy, it took a lot of courage to write this post, but I think there's a large segment in the blogging land who feel exactly as you do.

    My little photo area is actually an overturned rubber tote I put over my sewing machine as a type of cover. It makes a handy place to craft on – lol! I kind of worry about the dehydrator in the background, a bag of potato chips, etc., but cropping photos is my friend – lol!

    And bloggers like you are my new found friends for keeping it real and making us all feel like we're not failures if we don't have a "perfect" and organized home.


  47. Michelle says

    Honestly, I prefer the blogs that aren't perfect–not because the perfect ones make me feel bad, but because the others show things that maybe I could actually do. I bookmark it and think that I really could do that. I appreciate all lovely things, but spend the most time on blogs that "fit" me.

  48. Amy says

    You are speaking directly to me! I know you are!!! Thank you for this post!

    My blog is almost a year old, but I took about half of that off because I'm lazy…so it's kind of like I'm new! All these awesome blogs can make me feel very small! I love your blog…it feels very comfortable! But I am jealous of all your cool buttons. I tried reading an explination on how to make a button and it gave me a headache!

    There are always dishes in my sink, laundry to be washed & folded, crumbs everywhere, army guys in the couch, drippy noses, and jammie days!

  49. Marie C. says

    I love your blog and can hardly believe that you've only been blogging for six months because to me it seems so professional and put-together. It was one of the first blogs I started following when I joined BlogLand in January.

    Thank you for such an honest post. It's nice to know that there are others out there to whom I can relate. I love having a spotless house, but recently I've been so busy that the house has taken a back seat and now what should be my dining table looks a bit like that picture of your office. (At least I can see the table now, since I "picked up" a bit last night.)

    Keep up the great work, Mama-Blogger!

  50. Michelle says

    Thank you for keeping it real and making me feel a whole lot better.

    Keep up the great work!!

    Michelle :-)

  51. ~K @ VintageSkye says

    Lovely post!

    We only see the pictures that are shown to us!

    To keep perspective I sometimes try to imagine what is just beyond the edge of the picture that I am looking at:) And I don't mean that in a bad way to anyone, it just helps me to remember that we all have our own mess to clean up when we create something. It doesn't just magically appear out of thin air:)

  52. Shell says

    Haha OMGosh did you just sneak into my house & take pics? Were you really describing me up there? lol I'm kind of a neat freak but only cuz I HATE cleaning, so when I clean I want it to stay that way so I can do other things. But then my family enters the picture & everything goes out the window. Right now I'm looking at a blanket thrown across my loveseat that I've asked, begged, pleaded with & even hid from my hubby cuz he won't just fold the thing up when he's done. Do you think I'm gonna take 2 steps & fold it up? Nope I'm about to close this laptop, open a book & read until my nap kicks in lol Thanks for keeping it totally real cuz I often wonder how those super bloggers do it to. Now we know the real deal lol

  53. Coley says

    I think that's one of the reasons I enjoy reading your blog so much – you're real. Your pictures aren't all posey and perfect and they don't make me feel like my house isn't perfect. Although I must admit your expertise use of power tools intimidates me! LOL I'm scared to try – fearful I might cut off a finger or something. Maybe sometime you should do a Power Tools for Dummies post or something. haha

    Anyways, love your blog. Been hooked ever since you commented on mine and featured one of my projects as that is how I found out about you!

  54. Sammie says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I have a 'junk room' too (honestly, I had two junk rooms up until two weeks ago!). Its where everything in my house goes to die. Its on my to do list to clean it out. Im currently on an organizing rampage, and everything is getting shoved in there until I get to that room and decide what to do with it all. Oh boy.

    Thanks so much for keeping it real.

  55. Brenda says

    Thank you for making me feel better. I look at all these blogs and everyone's perfect houses. I say to myself how do they do it and with kids! I have a junk room too. Keep up the good work. And I really like what you did with the lamps. I am going to try to do that with my living room lamps (cover them with material.

    Have a blessed day!

  56. Sweet Green Tangerine says

    Yes! You have just turned me into a super fan. I too just started blogging & I feel so intimidated and overwhelmed when I see everyone's perfect spaces. I think this would be a great "movement" to start…perhaps we can get all bloggers (even the perfect ones) to post a pic in their home without cleaning anything.

    BTW…my favorite quote. "I am a mom who loves her kids like cRaZy but yells too much."
    Who doesn't feel like this?

    THANKS for posting this.

  57. Henpecked says

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I LOVE it! I am a new blogger, and I am still very much learning, and easily become discouraged. However, you really brightened my outlook! Thank you!

  58. An Irish Italian Blessing says

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL NORMAL!!!! I also can't stand when I see a bloggy mom who does everything and then some and I'm in my pj's until 20 minutes before my husband comes home to "fool" him into thinking I've been working hard all day, lol.

  59. Lorie says

    i’m getting ready to launch my blog – and it’s taken me soooo much time to put it together the way i want it and i’ve just been up all night again reading and tweaking my stuff! I’m almost paralyzed when i get down to actually doing it because i can not quit reading more and more information and after that – i can’t even tell what i meant to do. I have a son getting ready to drive and a 4 year old little boy who’s a complete and total beautiful handfull that if i blink too long – the cat will be covered in peanut butter or something like that – and i’m older and i guess i needed to vent for a sec!!hmmm. anyway – i meant to say – my husband is not supportive of this right now because he cant actually see anything i guess – but he’s always wondering what it is i do all day. and a 4hr old is simple to entertain – he can do it and clean the house in half an hour!!! WHATEVER – i just look for the positives like the nights i have gotten so much ready and learned so much graphically on my own and the quality time i feel when I forget the laundry or dishes (just for awhile) and see my son’s little face right in mine – just glowing as he’s telling me about something he’s excited about – and i just breathe it all in and love the bonds we have. OH – by the way – I’m pringting this so he can readi it and i just wanted to say thanks – i needed to find this right now more than i can say!

  60. says

    I saw your feature at WhipperBerry and must admit I was just skimming it but was intrigued when I saw the “Dark side of blogging”. Thanks for sharing this. I am just a normal gal who has no dreams or desires of starting a craft blog. I like to find ideas, see beautiful creations and pictures, etc. but I always have this strange feeling of being inadequate when I read a couple of different blogs. It’s actually really been bothering me lately and making me feel well, “jealous” of every one’s perfect homes and seemingly endless supply of money to do these projects with. I realize everyone wants to put their best foot forward but there are just a few out there that I really can’t stand to read anymore or I might lose it. I’m excited to follow your blog now…thanks for being so real.

  61. says

    I thought I was the only one who only wore makeup on Sundays! It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one. It’s not easy growing up a tom boy….

  62. says

    I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment! Not that I’m some amazing blogger – I just started a couple months ago and only have a few followers – but my blog is focused entirely on the art and fun of imperfection. (It’s called wabi-sabi home, in honor of the Japanese art of the imperfect and impermanent, because it got started when I literally exploded a batch of bath fizzies and realized I should really be taking pictures of this stuff.)

    Come say hi and feel better about yourself :-)

  63. says

    You are hysterical! I just read your whole post to my 13 year old. We were having a good laugh and a WOW MOM, she is so much like you…in the keep it real area – too much honesty is NEVER too much honesty (I say!) Then, I must admit, I got to your picture and say Holy Shitsu! this girl can be this coherent, brilliant, organically down to earth, GOD POWERED with all this STUFF on the floor etc.! THEN I WAS MORE IMPRESSED WITH YOU…cuz for me, disorganization around me is disorganization within me. So all this is to say…my reaction to your room was “what a disaster area” and my following reaction was “and this makes her 10 fold special for it!!!” Hope you get me for the GOD message this is. Lots of hearts and Love for your specialness. You Rock! Samara xox Bless Your Heart.

  64. says

    THANK YOU! Your sentiments are exactly what’s been in my head as far as intimidating blogs, my office is just like your office, and I also move stuff to take pictures. As far as blogging, I’m new to it. It took me along time to finally go for it because of the intimidation factor but a friend of mine told me that that if I was doing this to please other people, then I’m doing it for the wrong reasons. So, I changed my mind set and started blogging for me, to have an outlet, and for my mom and other friends and family who don’t live near me have a place they can connect with me and see my projects. I’m hoping also to learn and grow from it and just keeping it real. Thank you for speaking my mind so well! :)

  65. says

    Thanks for keeping it real. I love to browse blogs for fun, frugal ideas but I have to admit sometimes I am left feeling a lot less super of a mom. I love how you share that if you focus on projects the house falls apart and if you focus on the house nothing else gets done. I feel this way all the time. I find myself trying to decide what is most important at the moment, a clean house, a project finished or simply some reading time. I love to read, but rarely read books for fun anymore. I will share a secret. My kids are 6 and 5 and I am still working on their 1st year calendar/scrapbooks. Just keepin it real.

  66. says

    You have no idea how much reading this blog post and seeing your honest photo made me feel ‘human’ again today. It’s a holiday weekend and I’ve been painting our livingroom/diningroom/hallways for 7 days now… just sitting around waiting for paint to dry in high temps. I have stuff everywhere, laundry is folded on my couch (and will be until I can get to my hangers in my laundry room), a double bookcase is away from the wall and in front of our newly painted french doors (BTW, spray paint is not such a good idea on these and finally after 5 coats decided to use rustolum gloss oil paint and they look wonderful) and all of the items I use to decorate with are on the floor smack dab in front of my entry door. My house currently looks like a yard sale threw up. Painting will be finished in a week, but until it is everything is away from the walls, tools are everywhere, laundry is piled up and my house smells like wet dog (they jump into their pool and then come back in the house to lay on my living room rug… awesome).

    Your post has reminded me I am a wife to a firefighter (who works 24 hour shifts) who is my best friend, mother to three amazing kids (who’s mission in life is to see who can send me to the loony bin first) and frugal/tightwad/inventive/creative woman who loves everyday of my life. It’s the days that are bad that make the days that are good feel so much better.

    Again… thank you for your honesty as I was starting to feel like a failure from reading the other blogs.

  67. catnap says

    I just read your Baby Weight post and laughed out loud. Several times. I just found your blog and and poking around. Not sure how I got here but I was drawn in by the flowers in mason jars. Loved them. I can’t seem to thrown Classico spaghetti sauce jars away but I need ideas for justifying their place in my home. And my home looks like yours, with one kid in college and no longer at home. So I have no excuse. But I love you already for your honesty, and, of course, your creativity! BTW, I gave up on girdles ages ago. At 56 and thirty lbs overweight, no place to hide it now. And why bother…..

  68. Anita says

    Love your posts. Congrats on being in Better Homes and Gardens. This post will keep me coming back over and over. Thanks!

  69. Leslie Sanchez says

    I too just found your blog and LOVE it. And thank you for posting your thoughts/feelings about being “non” perfect – mom/blogger/etc. I still feel intimidated by what you can do, but love the way you do it.

  70. Karen Olson says

    This is the way it really is and very few people would be willing to “reveal” themselves. I don’t have kids however, I do have many projects in limbo that need completion including plain just keeping the house clean. I usually like to plan things out and create timelines but again and again life doesn’t always let it happen that way…:) I can’t afford a cleanup crew to make my house lovely before guests come over, I rely on friends to love me and my clutter just the way I am or help me in cleaning up.

  71. says

    Thanks so much for this post! So well-written! I have also been guilty of having that “green-monster” creep up when viewing other blogs. You’re a great example of a blogger who shares beautiful things, but “keeps it real” in the procoess. As a fellow blogger, I appreciate your honestly and encouragement!

  72. says

    I love this post! I have felt inferior looking at some blogs as well because I know that my “crib” is never perfect. With this post I feel right at home at your blog. Keep up the good work and continue being yourself…everybody likes it;)

  73. Debbie says

    Ummmm, however did you sneak into my house and take a photo of my craft studio? So happy to read about a real person.

  74. says

    I love this photo of your craft room/office. Man. Mine is in the same shape most of the time. Sometimes I hate what a chaos tornado I can be. But then recently a very wise friend said to me, “You wouldn’t want to get rid of all your spazziness though. It’s the same part of you that makes you creative.” Since she pointed that out, I’ve tried to make friends with my mess. My craziness. If it helps give birth to creativity, maybe it’s not so bad after all.

  75. says

    Ok, I just stopped by (lured by the mason jar planters that Crystal posted at ) but now that I’ve read this post, I really want to stay! I remember feeling so validated when Martha Stewart showed her office that was literally knee deep in stacks! Really glad to find your blog, your projects are amazing, and it’s nice to read this post and see that you’re just handling it all one (or four) things at a time like the rest of us!

  76. says

    I just found your blog (love it) and this post DID make me feel better! Creativity Creates Chaos! I feel guilty having messes around but I always have something on the go (I have a hubby who never ever complains)!

  77. says

    Hi, I just found your blog via @weheartdiy on twitter! I want to let you know that I personally think you are amazing and so is your blog, and so is your junk ROOM! There’s always been a room like that somewhere in my house. Sometimes it’s a garage, sometimes the basement, sometimes the office, the dining room, or the guest room. It just depends on what’s going on.

    I just started blogging this past summer and I already knew there were thousands to compete against, so how crazy am I for jumping on the band wagon now!? I should have started blogging like 7 years ago when I first heard about it! lol

    I also agree that sometimes other blogs make me jealous. Like, why can’t I just have a blog and have thousands of followers like that? Well, I’m crazy and I believe in myself and what I stand for, and all my blogging goodness, so I’m going to blog whether or not people come! Because I guess we’re all worthy of having a blog and having people be interested in our tiny lives! There are billions of people on the planet (over 7 billion now) So some people are going to be interested in what I’m doing, even if it’s not even interesting to me!

    Same goes for you. That’s why I love how you showed us that picture of your office. Because even though you probably hate the fact that your office looked like that at that moment in time, many many people are going to LOVE seeing that picture, and they’re going to love you for posting it! Because it makes you real. It brings all your readers closer to you. It makes you seem like you’re actually a human being! :)

    You go girl! I’m behind you 100%!


    p.s. sorry for writing a comment that’s the length of an entire blog post! lol!

  78. says

    Hi – I just found this post by way of Twitter, I think…or in some round about internet kind of way. But so glad I did. My blog is about a month or two old at this point and I made the same comment about starting an Etsy shop – I found myself wondering if I would have started had I realized how much else is actually involved, but I am glad I didn’t fully know – it’s been a great adventure and I love all that I am learning! I tOtaLLy get the ‘your blog intimidates me’ thing. I have just decided to let those uber cool blogs be my guide – hoping to learn something from those ‘green monster’ moments. Or maybe follow your advice and stop following them { :-D }. So, thanks for the honesty you shared here…really helps.
    Oh, and I can’t sing either. Will avoid dishes as much as possible and not so trendy either. I am always at least a year behind!

  79. says

    Thank you for this! I feel the same way a lot of the times. I rarely check a lot of the blogs I follow. Only have 2 or 3 I read daily, & they make me feel good, not jealous.
    I’m so glad Im not the only one! (:


  80. Anna says

    Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate your blog and admire your courage to just try things. Keep up the good work.

  81. says

    I just stumbled across your website and this was the first post I clicked on out of curiosity. I know it’s been almost a year ago since you posted it, but I’m following you now because of THIS!!! Thanks for keeping it real. <3

  82. says

    Bless you for your honesty. May you live to be 110 years old. Really. Women make things harder for other women when they attempt to make the impossible look effortless and NOBODY wins when that happens. You ROCK.

  83. says

    I have just found your blog – and I instantly came over to this post. It made me smile a lot! I have been blogging for a grand total of 2 weeks, and I am already finding myself altering events slightly to make them more positive, then correcting myself and being honest. Blogland is a funny old place, but I love it! xx

  84. says

    I know I’m late to the party commenting on this but I just loved your post! My craft room was in Creating Keepsakes magazine in 2006 (long before blogs). I got so many nice comments but it left me feeling like a HUGE FAKE! The truth was that the room was really pretty when all clean and organized but it was rarely all clean and organized! I finally posted a messy picture of it online because I couldn’t take the guilt! LOL! I see I am in good company!

  85. CooCooForDesign says

    What an amazing post – it made me cry…Thank you for making me feel normal :) You are so inspirational!!!

  86. Margaret Baird says

    Don’t worry, All my babies are grown and have left the nest, I miss them every day, Savor every minute. There will be time for a clean house later and it will be here way to soon.

  87. says

    Thanks for this honest post! I just started blogging and it IS intimidating, to say the least. I also read your post about leaving comments and you’re right. It’s easy to get discouraged when a post gets no comments. Thanks for the honesty and the insight! How DO you get analytics on your blog? I have wordpress and have NO clue how many subscribers I have!

  88. says

    Thank you for the last photo. That’s how my basement (where the Ogre and I practically live) looks all the time. 3 computers, my tools and projects… you get the picture, I’m sure. I tidy up when I finish a project, unless I’ve already started another one! (Which happens more than I would like to admit, I think).

    I’ve been blogging for just about 6 months now. And I’ve only just started to realize that the perfection I see on a blog is a snapshot of ONE area of that blogger’s life and world – and the snapshot, just like Sports Illustrated models may well be Photoshopped to make it look even better. That helps me feel much, much more serene about what I don’t get done. And gives me that much more encouragement to keep working on my home.

    :) Liz

  89. says

    Thanks for keeping it real. Once I visited a friend who said about her messy house “Please excuse the mess, it will probably be like this the next time you come.” Instead of apologizing and acting like her house was never messy she owned it, and made me laugh.
    I try to remember that when I start to take myself too seriously or stress about the messy craft rooms. Yep thats right, a couple of craft rooms because none of them are big enough rooms to fit all the crafts my teenage wonder and I have.
    I read once messy offices, craft rooms are just a sign of a very creative mind.
    Thanks for sharing your creative mind with all of us. You are so FABULOUS!

  90. says

    I really appreciate this post. As a new blogger myself, I have very similar feelings and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one whose house looks like a tornado hit it.

  91. says

    Thank you so much for this post!! I just started blogging and I am always a little envious of those whose homes, look wonderful and have thousands of followers.

  92. KATIE says


  93. OKGranniePeg says

    Posting that pic was really brave. I admire your honesty. I have just found your blog via Pinterest and have sent a link to my daughter,, that is a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old and 2 week old, both boys. She is also a blogger. I am bookmarking your site now.

  94. says

    I just found your blog through The Blissful Bee blog, and I love it! Totally love your honesty! I am a SAHM single mum, I home school my daughter as well, so there’s really no chance of our house being clean all the time. Had to laugh when I read that you push all the junk aside to take photos, because I do that too! Actually did that with my daughters room the other day, looked at the pics to see there was still pencils on the floor in the photo…lol….photoshop took care of that! Totally love your “office” too, that’s exactly what mine looks like at the moment!

    You have a new follower here! Thanks for the share!

  95. says

    I just discovered this blog and I realize this is an older post, but thank you. For those of us who will never be even close to perfect we appreciate brutal honesty. Although I don’t blog about my projects I have a junk/craft rooms that rivals your in the level of mess. I am loving your blog and an in love with your secret garden which I am planning on imitating. Have a great weekend!

  96. Kathleen says

    Seriously? I liked you before, now I really like you! What you talk about is exactly what keeps me from starting my blog! My self doubt – my fear that I’m not good enough, talented enough, stylish enough, young enough, smart enough, creative enough to come up with my OWN projects, instead of copying others – well you get it. I loved that post. Thank you.

  97. Dani says

    Love your honesty and your work Stacey! You’re so funny :) and brave! I’ve got two little ones and my home looks like your office most of the time! I never bothered following blogs, so glad I found yours :) You have a new follower here! Take care and keep up the good work. xox

  98. says

    Coming over from Facebook and I just happened to scroll down and see the title of this post. Who could not click on it?! Especially a new blogger like myself!
    What a great post! I love and appreciate your honesty! Truly!
    I have a similar post on my blog. I just started blogging (in November) and it really was (is) a little intimidating! So I wrote a post about how I felt as a new blogger coming into this “blogging world”. I have to admit is has been SO incredibly fun though. I feel like I have finally found my “fit” in life! Doing all the things I’ve always loved doing and being able to share them with like-minded people.

  99. says

    THANK YOU!! I am so grateful I found your blog on a linky party, and read your story! I’m a new blogger, a single mom, a full time student, and the breadwinner of my little family. I love that I found the blogging world, was so excited to share and yes, if I could make a little money to help us, that was a blessing! But I got quickly overwhelmed, intimidated and discouraged. There are so many great blogs, they seem to know it all, have great homes, get to be on tv, all that stuff – I admit, I get a little envious, but I try to just be grateful for what I have, and my opportunity and keep moving forward! BUT your post has inspired me to continue on, just be real, be myself, and have faith and hope that all this will be greater for my little family one day – I love that I can share and I love to see all that others share too! THANK you for sharing all you do! Hugs & Smiles, Theresa

  100. says

    Just found this post…
    Love it! Keeping it real is important to me too.
    My pictures cannot be any worse, as we are remodeling every inch of this house. There is not not one space I can even clean up to make it look like I tried to take a nice picture. Top that with being relatively new to blogging and new to the DIY world, I often feel that IF anyone goes to read my blog it is to get a chuckle. I won’t let that thought or feeling set me back though. I am determined to continue on and make something of myself, even if it is the World’s Worse Mess. LOL Someday this house will be nice enough to share with the world, I think….I hope!

  101. says

    This had me cracking up! It is so exactly my life (and my office looks just like that!) I am brand new to blogging, and am feeling a little overwhelmed with having to have everything perfect before I even really begin. Thanks for reminding me that it doesn’t need to be perfect. I love DIY but most of the time I make mistakes and figure it out as I go…it is the fun part for me. Thanks for this reminder!

  102. says

    I’m going to show my fiance your post. He gets so angry with me about my office being a mess, but I bake all of our “carbs” from scratch, make homemade meals most nights and work part time while also taking care of our daughter and HIM! My daughter is 11 now and requires much less “care” than a baby, but so much more involvement and time. When she was a baby, all I had to do was feed and change her, cuddle her sometimes. But now? I have to teach her how to be a woman. That’s hard work! So who cares if my office is messy? AMEN to this post!

  103. says

    As a blogger, I know what you mean by being overwhelmed seeing other bloggers and their perfect projects and pictures. I constantly feel like my site cannot compete and its frustrating but I try to keep everything I share honest and real. Thank you for posting this and keeping it real!

  104. says

    Thank you for this post. And thank you for posting that picture. I feel like a lot of bloggers talk this talk but don’t put themselves out there enough for it to be FOR REAL relatable…they just sort of float near the idea of ‘hey, I’m just like you!’ The picture gave credibility and made me like you that much more! ;)

  105. says

    This is an awesome post! I just started blogging and I can’t tell you how many of these things ring true to me! On a side note- how did you create your signature? I love it! Thanks for being so real!

  106. says

    Thank you for this post. My children are in college now, but I still feel like a busy Mom. I have hundreds more projects in my mind than I will ever begin.

  107. Radhika says

    Thanks, Stacy, for keeping it real in a virtual world with your honest approach to sharing your life, feelings and ideas. I know what you mean about feeling bad. It’s why I follow only 4 blogs (jeez….that almost makes me prehistoric, doesn’t it?) – no other way for me to get to really know the blogger.

    Too often, it’s ssumed that single people (I am one + no kids + want neither) MUST automatically have all the freedom, time and energy to be perfect. Any human claiming such a status (online or in life) is just doing a fine job of editing. :(

    I came here through Ana White’s site and wanted to let you know that reading about your life, the projects in the way YOU share them makes a difference even to my life – what we have in common is that we’re both human. It’s enough.
    May the creative Force always be with you! :D

  108. Radhika says

    Thanks, Stacy, for keeping it real in a virtual world with your honest approach to sharing your life, feelings and ideas. I know what you mean about feeling bad. It’s why I follow only 4 blogs (jeez….that almost makes me prehistoric, doesn’t it?) – no other way for me to get to really know the blogger.

    Too often, it’s assumed that single people (I am one + no kids + want neither) MUST automatically have all the freedom, time and energy to be perfect. Any human claiming such a status (online or in life) is just doing a fine job of editing. :(

    I came here through Ana White’s site and wanted to let you know that reading about your life, the projects in the way YOU share them makes a difference even to my life – what we have in common is that we’re both human. It’s enough.
    May the creative Force always be with you! :D

  109. says

    I’ve been stalking you on Instagram (ok, not creepily ;) and am new to your site, but am in the same intimidation boat as I’m starting a new adventure in the blog world-SO! I was wondering if you have any advice as to how to get started and to not get so overwhelmed by the content, the blog design…yada yada. I know it mostly is a work in progress but was wondering if there were some magic easy button on the know-how of to make everything look and work good? I work and am going back to school with two little ones all while updating, diy-ing and creating things in my little home to keep some of my sanity. I so very much enjoy your posts and your blog!!


  110. says

    Thank you for being so boldly honest and making me feel better. I am a beginner blogger, just posted on your linky party (by the way, my first time, didn’t even know what a linky party was), and afterwards realized I put my name on it rather than the name of the project. I felt like such an idiot and then didn’t know how to change it. Thanks again for making us bloggers (especially new ones) feel soooo much better!

  111. says

    Oh my goodness, it’s like you took my thoughts and wrote them down in this post. I am the same way! A super busy-body. If I am sitting still I go nuts. I have to be doing something. It’s refreshing to find that I am not alone in feeling intimidated by other blogs. I launched mine in 2011 too, though I’m moving at a turtle’s pace. (I think I just need to link up with other bloggers and see what I could do better)

    Anyway I am very glad to have come across your blog. I’m definitely a fan here, in NC!

  112. says

    I’m so glad I found you, because I’m all about keeping it real. Isn’t that what blogging is about. BTW sorry if my comment shows twice. Something weird happened when I submitted the last one.

  113. says

    I’m so glad I found your blog!! I hopped over from The Vintage Farmhouse. I have a blog and I struggle with some of the same things that you did. I want to be real and be me. Things that are real are better than things that are perfect. Following.
    Blessings, Diane

  114. Jesse Ramm says

    Today I needed a laugh like your office. I am Mum to three, wife to one, and a pet owner. But that is just is just statistical details the crazy kicks in when you add in that I work two casual jobs and I am studying medicine, my hubby works full-time and studies three evenings a week. We live in a two and a half bed house (or really one and two half bedrooms) but the joy of my life is in the overflow of creativity and abundance that erupts forth from my garden and in the exquisite moments when we solve a problem (currently we are tackling the hole that lets the rain into our laundry and the flood that occurs every heavy rain in our garage.) I am planning a mega clean out for the end of this year as I have just been a bit swept under with our work load this last little while, so there are parts of my house that look like your office- oh well.
    I really want to blog and perhaps someday mine will be anything close to your in fluidity and eloquence. Thanks for your honesty and integrity.
    Oh and in case it is of use to you I came to your blog from remodel-aholic.