Yellow Glazed Table

I found the coolest table online. I only paid $15.00 for it!!! The minute I saw the molding detail I knew it would look fabulous glazed. The term glazed is one I just started using. For eons I called it “antiquing”. I have been glazing furniture for almost 11 years. (You know. . . cause I started doing it when I was 10, right?) Yikes. I just realized that saying that dated me :) Anyway, whatever you call it, it is awesome.

Check out the before. Can you say dated?

I started out my priming it. It only took one can of spray primer. I didn’t want to bother with painting the inside so I covered it up.

Priming is necessary when there is a shiny finish. The primer sticks to the shiny surface and then the paint can stick to the primer. Kinda tricky eh? If you don’t want to prime then you need to lightly sand it down with a fine grit sand paper (150 or 220).

I always use foam brushes. I don’t like the lines that you get when you use a bristle brush. When you go to paint it, remember that thin coats are much better than thick coats of paint. Thick coats get all gloppy and look messy in the end. Be patient and take the extra time to do several thin coats. The first coat of paint should look terrible and streaky. You should see the primer through it( like the picture below) Let it completely dry before adding another layer. This table took 4 thin coats of paint.

Here is the door with all four coats of paint. Now, you will notice that in the pictures from here on out the yellow looks different in many of the pictures. Yellow is a tricky color to photograph ( at least it is for me) because in different lights it looks so different. In the warm afternoon sun it looks richer and in the evening light it looks lighter. And since I have 4 kids I have to work on things whenever I get a chance which is never at the same time of day. When you scroll down and see the doors with one glazed and one not glazed THAT is the closest to the actual color.

Now you can obviously skip this next step if you want to but I thought I would share how I did the diamond pattern on the top. I measure the table and figured out how many and what size would fit the best. Then I measured and marked the lines with a pencil. I taped it. The way it works out is that you paint every other one and then go back when they dry and re-tape for the other half.

When ever I paint lines or something like that I always go over the tape with the base color. That way if there are any places that the paint seeps through, it is the same paint as underneath and you can’t tell. It seals the tape making the lines nice and crisp.

Then paint the darker color over it. Make sure you paint in the same direction that you painted the whole top. You will be able to tell if your brush strokes are in a different direction especially if you glaze.

Now it is time to glaze. I either add a water based stain (Walnut) or dark brown craft paint. You can also ask the people at the store when you buy the glaze to tint it for you. I love to use brown but you can also use black.

Here is one door glazed and one door without the glaze. You certainly don’t need to glaze your furniture. I think it looks nice without as well. I just happen to have a little addiction when it comes to antiquing things :)

I also changed out the hardware. The knobs were the most dated thing about it! I like the new simple ones much better.

I will try to get a better picture of the table. It deserves to be shown off properly. This was taken in my driveway in the evening when I was loosing daylight fast. I have completely fallen for this table. And you want to know something sad? I have absolutely NO room in my house for it. I don’t know what I am going to do! I might have to find it a good home.

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  1. Ashley says

    This tutorial was awesome! I have been attempting to paint a lot of furniture like this but it never turns out. You had some awesome tips that I can't wait to use!

  2. [email protected] says

    Love how that turned out. Great job and guess what I still call it antiquing lol…that is what I still call it. I am trying to change lol. I love your tutorial on the harlequin pattern. Seems that is easier than how I did my bedroom wall cutting each diamond out with a knife…see that is why blogging is awesome! Thanks for posting.


  3. Tammy @ she wears flowers says

    This looks amazing! I am pretty sure my in-laws have this same table and now I know just what to do with it if they will let me! LOL! Where do you find the time??

  4. Emily and Jaime at Everyday Art says

    You always have such great vision! I would have saw that table online and said, "yuck!" and moved right by. Great job. :)

  5. Donna @ says

    glazing, antiquing, whatever as long as it looks the way you want it to, right?! lol And it looks GREAT!! nice job. please come visit and consider following…



  6. Kathy@ Gone North says

    Really Great Transformation!!!
    Can you tell us what the yellow paint color is??
    & Is the Harlequin color just a shade darker??
    Just LOVE it…
    Also, great tutorial…

  7. Stacy says

    Thanks! The paint I bought was Valspar's Marigold. But it was too dark so I added quite a bit of white to it. The darker yellow for the top had less white.

  8. Amie {Kitty Cats and Airplanes} says

    Oh my gosh this is AMAzING! Are you sure you didn't buy this for $1,000 from Pottery Barn? Scratch that, it's better than PB.

  9. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More says

    What a great tutorial! Your diamonds are perfect! I was an 'antiquing' gal too. It took me a while to figure out that glazing and antiquing were the same thing, lol!

    Dropping by from Get Your Craft On!

  10. Audrey says

    Wow! That is a serious transformation!! I love the color! I have some kitchen cabinets I have been dying to fix up. They would look so cool like this!!

  11. Emily {WhipperBerry} says

    This is incredible! I remember seeing it on your Video Clip when you were a star on TV!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

  12. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says

    This looks so great! Great price, too. thanks for linking up to our first blog party. :-)

  13. says

    I have a table almost identical to that that was GIVEN to me. Its a light oak color and Ive always hated it because of the color and bulk…however, free is free!! Ive been trying to decide what color to paint it (and some other furniture) and I think youve inspired me to go with a pale yellow as well. No glaze though (even though yours is GORGEOUS)…thanks so much!!!

  14. Amber R. says

    OMG! I have always wanted to do my kitchen cabinets just like this but never knew how!! You are awesome, thank you so much!!!!

  15. says

    I was part of a garage sale last weekend. I also shopped the other garage sales in the neighborhood. I didn’t buy them, but I saw two tables just like the before pictures of this table and all I could see was your finished table. I almost bought them – but I am not brave enough yet. Then, three garages later, I found two lamps, with pineapples and dangling crystals and they were an ugly gold color… and I almost bought those too. So, I am seeing your inspiration all over and I think I will take the plunge soon and try a project. Thanks for all the inspiration!!

  16. Carolyn says

    I have that same table! It belonged to my grandparents, and I love the storage but haven’t “transformed” it yet! Thank you for the “after” pic so I can get started! Love it!