Valentine Printables

I was just going to give you a sneak peak of mine in a frame but I got so excited that I am just giving them to you today!!!I looked around blogland at others who do printables and one way I liked was this:
Double click on it. It will bring up just the picture at its full resolution. Then right click on it and chose “save as”. It will save it to your computer and then you can print it! Easy peasy. It will save time for me too. I felt bad because I got a mailer-daemon a couple of times. If you did not get your winter printable yet, contact me!!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Valentine’s day and if it weren’t for those small Cadbury eggs in the dark purple bags Valentines would be my favorite Holiday. I am a cheesy, sentimental, romantic at heart. Plus my favorite color is RED. Well, enjoy!
There are 3 different options again this time. They are 8 x 10.



I made 6 “craft room” printables. At least I am going to hang mine in my craft room. It says “crafty things” on it. Since I don’t know what colors you all have decorated your homes in I tried to do a bunch of different colors.But looking back on them I kind of just chose my favorite colors.  I will post those on Friday (the 7th). Thanks!



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  1. Bettymnz4 says

    I'm your newest follower!!!

    Thank you for the printable. I printed it off at 30% and will send it to my DD to attach to the side of a square box of tissue.

  2. Liz says

    LOVE them. I'm currently working on a zodiac subway art. I'm kind of obsessing with knowing everyone's birthday and signs.

  3. Emily says

    I have been searching "blogland" for Valentine's Printables! It probably would be faster for me to do it myself. But not nearly as fun! ;) Thank you SO much for sharing all your creativity with us! Can't wait for the craftroom printables… I am planning my craft room and trying to figure out the paint color now! Take care!

  4. Anonymous says

    Oh I just emailed you requesting the Winter one and said I was looking forward to the valentines and here it is. I got to your blog through another blog and it took me directly to the winter subway art. Thanks so much can't wait for the next one. Now to bookmark this wonderful place so I won't miss any of your creations.


  5. Bella says

    Hey Stacy, how cute. I like the last one, with the black :)

    Now if only my red ink was working on my printer, lol.

    THANK YOU so much for linking up to **Amaze me AUgust** I'll be back to link up to your party as well, of course, he he.

    Have a WONDERFUL day,

    Bella :)

  6. Jenny @ Embellishing Life says

    Thank you so much for sharing these at the craft catwalk!
    I hope to see you there again on Monday :)