Rainbow Crayon Tutorial

I have had this on my to do list since before I even started blogging. But it kept getting pushed down the priority list. Finally my 3 year old begged and I made it jump to the top. I made my first one about 5 years ago for my oldest who is now 9. All my kids have loved these. And making them is just as fun as using them. After the older boys headed off to school I got my little guy busy finding all the the small broken crayons, then unwrapping them, and then he sorted them into color groups. This kept him busy the whole time my baby was napping. Which means I got a ton done!

This is one of the old rainbow crayons. It is the only one left. Three boys, one crayon. You do the math.

You will need a bowl of water, plastic cups that you can throw away when done with the project, and a microwave. My hubby pointed out that they make crayon makers now. I kindly pointed out that we don’t have one, nor do we need one. This works great. I may or may not have stuck out my tounge.

Put the crayons (according to color) into the cups. I cut the tops of the cups off to make it easier to pour out the melted wax. Place one of the cups into the bowl and microwave it for a few minutes. Take it out and swish it around. You may need a couple more minutes depending on your microwave and how many crayons you put in the cup.

Then pour the melted wax into a muffin pan. I have always used my silicone one for this project but made one in a metal one today to see if it would work too. Just to be safe, I lightly greased it. It worked great. Aren’t my pans lovely? Don’t judge. I make cupcakes a lot. Plus, you know yours look just like that too!

And there you have it! When each layer cools, it contracts and pulls away from the sides a little so the crayon layers can bleed a little. But it is thin and after a couple of uses it wears off.

This project it great for 2-5 year olds. You can talk about sorting, learn colors, and then color when your done! And the crayon is big and easy for little kids to handle. It would make a fun homemade gift too.

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  1. Jess says

    Love it! I've seen people pour the wax into little shaped molds (hearts and stuff), or even swirl the colors together as they cool. I need to try with my girls!

  2. Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder says

    My kids are gonna want to make that. Very cool..and much better than store bought stuff.

  3. **christina** says

    That's an awesome idea! Yea, what did the world do before those crayon machines? lol :) It's just a waste of money!