My lamp in the daylight

It has been fun to see my lamp all done in the light of day. Since I finished it late last night this is the first time I have seen it during the day. Yep. I still love it :) These pictures still don’t do it justice, but they are better at showing the base. Thanks for letting me share. Sometime you make things and well, they end up in the basement room that no company ever sees. And only because you are cheap and think “I spent money on those supplies so I can’t just toss it out.” And sometimes you make something that you want to share with the world and show case in your front room. If you are just now visiting here, you can check out more pictures and a complete tutorial on how I made it in the post right before this. Just scroll down. Or click the “home” button and then scroll down.

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  1. Raelynn says

    How cute, I love the lamp!! And congrats to your husband on his new job, what great news, and a great way to celebrate Christmas!

  2. Creative Ambitions says

    Stacy… I LOVE your lamp… can't believe you handpainted it!! The base is awesome!! Very cool!

    And so excited for you and your hubs on his new job!! YAY!!

    Merry Christmas!