Christmas Bulbs

I had an idea a few years ago to put vinyl lettering on some clear bulbs for my tree. It was a great idea except that the brown vinyl I chose didn’t show up very well against the dark green tree. So I thought about about it and came up with this. I hang them from the garland above my windows and then you can read them because they are against a lighter background. I love it! It is one of my favorite decorations to put up.
My neighbor was nice enough to let me use her machine to cut the vinyl. I picked words that reminded me of Christmas. I have 3 windows so there are 18 bulbs total.

I wish this picture showed how it really looks in real life. The simplicity is so pretty and you can read them easily. I know the picture doesn’t make it seem that way. Somedays I wish I were a better photographer. I guess I should say that I wish I had the TIME to LEARN to be a better photographer :) One day. . .
I hope you all are ready for Christmas. Because ready or not, it’s a comin’!!!

P.S. Come back tomorrow for my linky party!!! I want to see what you have been up to :)

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  1. Shaunna says

    You can tell how pretty it is! What a fun idea! And I just said a prayer of praise for your hubby's new job!! That's wonderful! I do pray he loves it
    and you and your family receive many new blessings from it! Thanks for taking the time to comment yesterday! -shaunna :)