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Let’s have a little chat about post baby weight. . . Okay, so my baby is now 8 months and I’m still packin’ around 25 extra pounds( 35 if you count the 10 I never lost from the last baby). So my girdle is my best friend.  I joined a spin class. I haven’t exercised in front of anyone except my husband since high school so this was a big step for me. (WHY? Traumatic story for another day. . . when we know each other a little better) The fact that this particular class turns out the lights sure helps! But even when I do eventually loose the weight, I will still have tons of flabby skin. So either way I need a girdle, tummy tucker, spanks, stomach sucker, whatever you call it. I need one. Here’s is my dilemma:

I had a girdle that worked alright. I had some gripes, but it sucked me in pretty good. One day it got a small hole in the side. Then that hole got bigger. A couple inches maybe. I am a cheapskate so I thought I could make it work for a little while longer. That is until I was at church one day and I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. It was like all my fat said to each other “Look! there’s a way out!” Seriously. It looked like I had a giant growth on my hip! Like a growth that you name. Yeah. It was bad. So I just bought a new one. I am not that thrilled with it. I bought it because it had all the features that my old one didn’t have. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any of the good features the other DID have. So help me by telling me what your favorite brand of girdle is. Don’t be shy! You can even choose to leave it anonymously if you want. But this flabby momma needs your help!

Let me tell you the pros from both and then you’ll know what I am looking for. The old one had an extra patch of elastic right at the gut area. It was thick and totally flattened it. But the inseam was short so it bunched up into the crotch. Plus it didn’t go high enough so the top rolled down. I know you are thinking “And she wore that thing?” Yes. Because I am that vain.

The new one goes down to my knees. Which is great because it stays put and because I have chubby knees. And it goes up high. It also has rubber on the inside of the top to prevent it from rolling down. Both features work great. The down sides are that it doesn’t have that extra panel of elastic. So it smooths everything but doesn’t suck me in. Also, the crotch is low. Yep. Hammer pants low. I am not sure who modeled for it but I would sure like to see them! So, I am in the market for another one that will fit ALL my needs. There has to be one right???

On to another weight and belly issue. Jeans. I have like a gajillion pairs. And they are all a different size. There is “pre-baby I’ll probably never fit in again so get rid of them already!” jeans, “early pregnancy but not in maternity pants yet” jeans, “post baby fat pants” jeans, “Lost a few pounds WAHOO” jeans, “mid size . . .almost there” jeans, “normal” jeans, “skinny” jeans, and “PMS bloating” jeans. I fluctuate so much!!! So I came up with a plan. They make little kid jeans with adjustable waists (which is pure GENIUS) so why not for women? Well, I made me a pair!!! Check them babies out!

I am not a seamstress by any stretch of the word and this only took me one episode of the Office. I cut a slit on the inside of the waist band. One on each side. Not all the way through, just the inside layer. I hand stitched around the hole so it wouldn’t fray. Then I sewed on a button. I got some elastic and cut slits in it every so often. I put a big ‘ole safety pin on the end of the elastic and fed it through the slit and worked it around to the other slit. To make sure it didn’t get pulled out, I sewed the elastic to the back of the pants in one little spot. And viola! Stretchy pants that don’t look like stretchy pants :) Completely adjustable. I have had this pair for a couple years and I L.O.V.E. them.

So leave me a comment telling me your favorite girdle and them go make yourselves some adjustable pants!!! Thanksgiving is coming up you know. . . I’m just sayin’.

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  1. Kris @ says

    this was a fantastic post to wake up to!!! i wear spanx when i have to look good other wise, i just wear elastic pants. i look like i have given up :) but i haven't i swear!! the spanx are OK they definitely don't have the extra suck in, but they don't roll down.

  2. Mommying On The Fly says

    hhahahaha no girdles here. though I'm proud to say I've lost 107lbs but have 40 more to go.. )= .. this post gave me a chuckle.. I never wore maternity pants while prego with the twins… I used to use a hair rubber band to extend mine.. Loop it in the button hole and use the extended loop to hook on the button.. worked like a charm.. lol..

  3. Kayla says

    I don't know about girdles but I'm trying the P90X program starting on Monday. I'm posting before and after pics, along with everything along the way on my quest to lose weight, over on my blog. Check it out! :)

    I'm new to the blogging world but I have some recipes and my life in general stuff on there!

    Good luck with your new spinning class! You can do it!

  4. truckermomma says

    I am two years pp from my son and the weight hasn't budged. I don't wear a girdle or have stretchy pants but I do on occasion wear those really tight skin suits you see on tv, the ones that smooth your fat over. Now don't get me wrong, I would wear a girdle but I have massive amounts of scar tissue that gets in the way. I have had 5 kids, 4 pregnancies and 3 c-sections both directions. I am full of unmovable scar tissue. Well at least my belly. I need something soft to comfort my lovely pp belly.
    I am working out on the p90x as well although I don't expect it to help me, I just don't loose weight easily. I am thinking I may end up wearing my elastic body girdle every time I go outside my house very soon.

  5. Carrie says

    I haven't gotten into the world of girdles yet, but I do love my "mid-rise" jeans. They cover the belly and suck in all that extra fluff, but don't reach the belly button so I'm not stuck in mom jeans. I've had 2 babies in 3 years, so my pre-partum jeans are dunzo. Even if they did fit, the styles have changed so much since I last wore them! I still have 13 pounds to go. Those are some stubborn pounds, too.

    Happy SITS Sharefest. So glad I stumbled onto your blog!

  6. Jenn Mobbs says

    I don't do girdles BUT I do need adjustable waist pants-my booty to waist ratio is a bit off. I have been saying this for MONTHS (that I am in need of the same kind of pants my kids wear)! You need to put these babies on the market! I think most women would go crazy for them. Who wants to wear a belt and have ANY extra inches. You are brilliant! I might get brave and give it a try.

  7. Lyndee says

    I love this idea. I'm not 100% sure how to execute it, but I might as well give it a try. I have large legs so when I get pants that don't squeeze the circulation, they also often don't fit my waste. I put on a belt (cause when I sit down, the world sees what the world shouldn't) but then in the back the material goes down, so I'm contantly having to adjust the back of my pants to go back where they belong. SO, I will! I will give this a try. Thank you!

  8. nikib4kids says

    I've used Spanx and they work well. I have the nude colored ones that go from the bottom of my boobs down to about mid-thigh. I like the way they suck me in all the way around….and I've been using the same one for a few years…I'm too cheap to by another one so far…but I do love it! Good luck with that and I love how you fixed your pants!

  9. Courtney says

    That is awesome! Why didn't I think to do that with my jeans. Like Jenn M, my booty waist ratio does not conform to corporate standards. Size 4 waist with a dang near size 8 squeezin into a size 6 booty makes for a loose frumpy looking waistline.
    I haven't found a girdle I like yet enough to blow the money on. I'm cheap.

  10. Nutbird says

    I use the waist shaper thing from the Bliss It seems to work to slim you down. I also have one from Brooke Burke called Bebe. It is about 8 inches high and about 40 plus inches long. You wrap yourself really tight and it velcros on. You are supposed to wear it at least 8 hours a day. You can sleep in it. Supposedly your muscles contract isotonically and it slims you down. This is the same principle behind waist cinchers, long line bras, and high rise girdles from the old days. When I was growing up in the 60's most women wore girdles, elastic waist pants hadn't been invented and no one was obese. I am convinced that the girdle wearing worked. Google these. Ann

  11. Jennifer says

    Hey I was thinking that there had to be something like this for adults, but then I saw that my friend has a store in Spanish Fork and she sales the coolest button ever! You just ad a button (it's not permanent), it's way neat! So I decided to buy the button instead of try and figure out how to do this to every pair of jeans. Her store is 56 West Boutique & Salon.

  12. Handy Man, Crafty Woman says

    sigh…this is so hard. I HATE wearing girdles or things like that, they are too uncomfortable for me. I had my "baby" 9 years ago, but my body will never be the same!

  13. Extra!Extra!BlogAllAboutIt! says

    SPANX! They work well, but not like the old timey girdles.

    An inch loss program is T-Tapp ( It works wonders on re-shaping the body, flushing the lymph system, removing cellulite. It is the most amazing workout and I HATE WORKING OUT, but feel so good during and after this. It's been my little miracle and I have a very hard time losing weight, but not since I stumbled upon this in a forum.

    Best wishes!

  14. Stefanie says

    Sorry, there is no such thing as a "favorite" girdle. The 2 just don't go together! I do have one of the old school kinds that has the hooks all the way up the front. Keeps me sucked in, but I can't eat or breath when I'm wearing it. I do love your idea about the adjustable waist pants! My 8 year old is so skinny, she cinches up her pants all the way… wouldn't it be great to let mine out all the way?? Loved the post. Thanks!

  15. Shell says

    Haha I thought this was cute when I read it & couldn't for the life of me remember the one the stars used. I see others have mentioned it, it's the spanx one. I don't use a girdle, I just wear fashionable yoga pants that hold me in lol

  16. I'm just Chris says

    Hi, I'm a new follower. I wish I could find something to hold in all the 'leftovers' from my 4 kiddo's. My baby is also 8 months old but I can't use him as an excuse I've had this all since my first was born LOL

  17. Bella says

    Hey Stacy, again so refreshing reading that others are having the same issues as me, lol. Just last week I wrote about my bubble butt, yes I have been trying to get back in shape for almost 12 years now. Since my first born. I wonder if my tummy will EVER be normal again, or will I just have a pooch FOREVER. I have never worn a girdle, before, but maybe I should, lol.

    I totally want to try T-tapp, have heard from several people already about it. I love yoga, and most group classes, including Zumba. I just never go enough.

    I am so happy for your blogs, they are getting so big, so FAST!! I have some questions for you girl, lol.

    Oh and just so you know, I started my new ~~Special Party~~ this week, called **6 weeks 2 JINGLE** yup all things Christmas this time, so come check it out, and of course participate.

    Thanks girl, talk to you soon. Bella :)

  18. becky says

    I just got a new 'body slimmer'from maidenform the other week. It sucks in pretty well and it's unusually comfortable. Strange I know. It's the Maidenform® Control It!® Body Briefer.

    I finally just lost the baby weight after 15 months with the help of weight watchers…now to just lose all the extra weight I had before I got pregnant!

  19. Becca says

    Loved this post and the reassurance it gives me that I'm not the only mom around still dealing with post-baby weight. (Mine is just from 10 1/2 years ago.) :)

    I don't wear a girdle, but I have found these tank tops that are amazing. I tried spanx type things (from Target), but they were a huge pain to pull up and down and it just got old. I found these tank tops at Target. They're Barely There by Hanes. I couldn't find a link on Target's website, but here's a picture of a black one at Kohls. Don't be scared off by the price – I paid 17.99 for mine at Target.

    I can't tell you the amount of confidence I take from wearing this thing. I know it's sad, but I feel like I have a figure again, and it's wonderful. I even had tons of people tell me how I look like I've lost weight. Little do they know…

    Good luck! :)

  20. Kris @ says

    I'm so glad I came across your blog recently. I've really enjoyed looking through your posts you crack me up and i love your guest posts. I'm giving you a "Stylish Blog Award". Feel free to stop on over and pick it up.

  21. Jenglamgirl says

    Girl- This post is hilarious! You have my number on this post. Especially your jeans discriptions to funny. I haven't done girdle's. However, I picked up a nice body slimmer at Target. Its black and it is worn over my but to smooth out dimples and smooth out the hips and the stomach too. Its pretty tight right now as I tried it two weeks ago, and Yep I am prego so it was tight. I don't like dimples or rolls so I get you. After this 4th baby I am so DONE. I am taking care of me and I want and will get thin again. Good luck. Jen ;)

  22. Jessica says

    Okay, I know this is an old post, but you linked to it so you know you are going to get some comments :)

    The best full girdle/body slimmer is from Essential BodyWear.

    They actually are a direct sales company and will come to your home and do parties to ensure you have the best fitting bra- the bra alone will make you look like you lost 10 pounds- I kid you not. Their body slimmer has loops that hook into the back of any bra so that they cannot roll down- it is GENIUS. They crotch has, um, the stretchy panel things so you can go pee. It goes all the way to the knees. I have tried EVERY body slimmer/girdle/tank top listed here (and I am not exaggerating) and the EBW is my very very favorite.

  23. says

    No girdles here. I cannot take the discomfort and the improper fit. Plus, I would just bulge out at the top and bottom. Back boobs, anyone? Or how about at the knees? I love your elastic jeans solution. If I have a fit problem it usually shows up in my butt first though. I wear a lot of skirts. Today’s skirt has a drawstring waist. I can loosen it as the day goes on :-D

  24. Alyson says

    Came here via a long and circuitous route, I think starting @ Centsational Girl’s blog. Almost eight months later, I don’t know if you’re still in the market. I’ll tell you what I did, though. I got to meet MY FAVORITE BAND when they came through town. They’re three British men, all gorgeous, ten years younger than me. I’ve had seven kids. Desperate times called for desperate measures, I’m sure you understand.

    I bought the Slim Cognito by Spanx:
    I wore it around the house a bit. I loved how it sucked me in, but I did *not* love how it “connected” to my bra. Awkward. It left huge gaps and my back fat would kind of bubble up between the top of the Spanks and bulge around the bra, bleh. But otherwise it did just what I wanted it to.

    So I bought some heavy-duty no-roll inch-wide elastic @ Walmart (didn’t have time to go to a fabric store before the concert, had to use what was close at hand), cut it in half, and hand-sewed straps. Needed my tolerant hubby’s help pinning. In the front I pinned the straps outside my boobs, because straps running up over the girls would really kind of ruin one of my best assets, yes? So the straps in front connect wide on the sides, just in front of the armpits. To counter that front wideness, they connect in the back nearer the middle. Not the middle, and they don’t cross over, because under shirts I just wanted them to look like regular bra straps. Well, regular bra straps that are an inch wide, so not very regular at all.

    Long story short, the straps were the perfect thing. They are just what the Slim Cognito needs to be PERFECT. And by that, I mean PERFECT. Sucks in just right, fits “comfortably” (as comfortably as those things ever do) and comes up high enough that my bra strap on back rests on it. Comes up higher than my back fat. Tucks in my seven babies belly (but not to flat, I can never do that again).

    So whatever you’re doing now, when it stops working you could consider hand-stitching straps on a Slim Cognito. :)

  25. Autumn Nordstrom says

    I *love* my tank top squisher that I bought from JC Penney. I pull the top down below my boobs to give them some oompf. It has a double layer around the middle to hold the muffin top from spilling over. I love mine.

  26. Tangi says

    I know this might be little late, but my fave girdle is from Dollar General. Do y’all have those in Utah? The brand name is Bobbie Brooks and I paid $8 for it. I wear it under EVERYTHING. It’s comfortable and it sucks in and smoothes all of my extra parts. My ‘baby’ will be 6 years old in a few months, but as one person already commented, my body will never be the same. I have lost weight and still working on the last few, but I still need a little help in keeping it in and together. :) Love your blog!

  27. Keek says

    I swear by Flexees..they have long line, shorts line..they are light weight but hold incredibly with a softness that Spanx doesnt have. They aren’t too warm in the summer but feel like a think extra layer of clothing in the cold..think cuddleduds :) They also come up far enough not to have your rolls slide down over them…Love love love them!

  28. Liisa Sanchez says

    I may be waaaaay late posting this, I just came across your website and have spent the last hour soaking it in!!! Do any of you ladies live someplace hot??? We moved to NC two years ago and they is NO WAY I could wear a girdle thru the hot months that stretch on for-evah!! Any tips??

  29. Diana says

    FLEXEES, I wear the tank tops, but not the cotton (too loose) or the lace(rip too easy) these are long, don’t give any bulges around the bra because they are loose over the girls then tight below that. They tuck in nice and are snug, but not too hot under a t-shirt. They do wear out from working so hard to hold the baby bumps in, but that’s life I guess. So I wear the looser (older one) daily and keep the tighter(newer) ones for more important times.

  30. says

    I just had an ah moment. I have so wanted those jeans that my little kids wear. I am going to try this idea my self, you are genius. Good luck with the girdle, I have tried a few and decided I like to breath and bend over so I stopped and only once in a great while for a special occasion I might bring one out, might. Nice to have found your blog.

  31. Katie says

    Oh my stinkin’ heck! I just found your blog off pintrest (going to try to make “another scrap wood lamp” and I lovelovelove this idea on jeans!! I have my favorite pair of jeans that I bought for $14 even though they were a size too big. Every time I wear a belt with them they bunch up. This is so stinkin’ perfect!! Thank you for showing me the light!
    Also, I love your projects. I am hooked on your blog. And sorry for the loss of job. That’s tough.

  32. patty franklin says

    Was lucky to be ble to lose the baby weight from back-to-back pregnancies. Maybe it was from chasing a toddler, the two toddlers? Now I’m much older. I bought a Spanx wanna be at Nordstrom. I love it for the times I need it. I also love Spanx…great quality. Ladies: try Weight Watchers. I lost 20 lbs 2 years ago, another 5 recently, and now want to take off another 10. The good thing ant WW is that u dpnt have to give up anything…u just budget ur points.