EASY No Sew Pumpkin

nosew4 EASY No Sew Pumpkin
My friend was given this as a gift from a friend. I thought it was darling! And guess what is INSIDE????

Toilet paper!!! It is almost so easy that I feel silly doing a tutorial. It is a “no sew” project which is my favorite part.

nosew1 EASY No Sew Pumpkin
My bench is 16″ wide, so the fabric is probably about 18 inches. The leaves are also fabric and the stem was brown paper rolled up.
nosew2 EASY No Sew Pumpkin
Just tuck the fabric in. There is no right or wrong way.
nosew3 EASY No Sew Pumpkin
Lay the leaves on top and poke the rolled up paper in the hole.
nosew4 EASY No Sew Pumpkin
And Voila! A pumpkin. Wasn’t that easy??? And convenient in case you thought there was another case of TP in the garage but there really wasn’t. And you get stranded. Unless that only happens at my house. . .
And they do make cute little gifts. Or you could make a bunch of them and have your own little pumpkin patch. This is a good kid activity too.
D68828E039F3C6EF14B621F237470C8D EASY No Sew Pumpkin



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  1. Denise says

    I'm planning to make these with the little girls I teach at my church. But I must say, I like your pumpkin "leaves" better than the ones I was planning. Thanks for sharing the ideas!


  2. Elisa says

    Oooh – cute! A cinnamon stick instead of the paper would be nice for the stem! That's what I thought it was at first!