Drying herbs

I only started cooking with fresh herbs a few years ago. Before that I just used the dried stuff in bottles from the store. But now that I have tasted the difference I won’t go back! At the end of the growing season I pick what I haven’t used and hang them up to dry. I have a dehydrator with a setting for herbs, but I like doing it this way. It smells good and is a temporary decoration. This is sweet basil.
When it has dried enough I pick off the  leaves and put them in jars to use until next year when I will have fresh again. These dried herbs have WAY more flavor than store bought herbs. My dill is 3/4 gone because I bottled so many pickles this year.
Herbs are pretty too and most don’t take up very much space. So even if you don’t have a garden you can plant them in your flower beds. Oregano and mint are perennials and will spread. I know of people who use them as ground covers. They do great in pots too and that way you keep them contained. Try fresh herbs! You won’t be disappointed :)

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