Frankenstein lights

How cute is this guy?!? I worried that what was in my head wouldn’t be as cute as what I actually made. Sometime that happens. You have a great idea but it doesn’t translate well into the finished product. Well, I was worried that since it was so simple, it wouldn’t be too cute. But I love these guys!

I used small flower pots, googly eyes, and small wood spools. The spools are found in crafts stores along with the other unfinished wood shapes in small bags. I bought mine at JoAnns but I have seen them at Roberts and Micheal’s as well. I painted him green with a foam brush. I painted his hair with a small paint brush and his mouth is just black marker.

I put tea lights inside. . .

and put them on my porch! I was going to put one on each step but it was too windy and kept blowing out the candle. Hopefully on Halloween it won’t be and they can greet my trick or treaters :)

This idea inspired another Halloween craft with pots. It will be coming soon!!!

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  1. Maria Gridley says

    Oh I just LOVE this!!! He is soooooo cute!! What a great idea.. I love how the flower pot makes for a perfect Frankenstein head!!! hehe Cute idea.. I will have to make these!!

  2. Michelle says

    I saw this on TGC. So CUTE! What if you put sand in the pot and then your candle? That might prevent them from blowing over.

  3. FrouFrouBritches says

    That is soooo cute! I love it! Fabulous idea! Frankenstein is my favorite Halloween monster too. How smart are you to use spools for the neck bolts? So so so cute!

  4. Colleen @ MuralMaker&More says

    That is just the cutest dang thing! I love the four of them together, too!

    would love for you to stop by Sunday and link them up to Passion for Paint!

  5. Cindy says

    Fun, fun, fun, You did a awesome job, and I love it when something turns our better or as well as I think it will.

    Thanks for sharing!