My little monkey

About six months ago I had my 4th little boy. I redo the baby room every time I have a baby and do a new theme. This time I chose monkeys. I took these pictures before I had him so there are more things in the room now (I’m too lazy to go down and take new pictures). There are 3 white baskets on the top of the blue cabinet and stuffed monkey in the crib and a couple other monkey things. I also made a crib skirt that matches the quilt (shown in the picture below).
Painting the stripes was pretty easy. I just did one color every day since the paint takes 24 hours to cure and I needed to tape over some of the stripes to paint other stripes. The trick to getting really clean lines is to first paint along the tape line with the color that is already there. That way, if any paint bleeds through, you don’t see it because it is the same as what was already there. Then it seals the tape and you can use the stripe color. Make sure to let the first color (the one that seals the tape) completely dry before you paint the stripe color. You will get perfect lines every time!

I love to paint murals on kid’s walls. Sometimes I wish I had 12 kids that all had their own bedrooms just so I could decorate their rooms. I drew a monkey on a paper first to see how I wanted it to look. Then I free handed it onto the wall with pencil. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that then use a projector (Some libraries loan them out) to project the image on the wall and then just trace it. Coloring books are a good place to look for cute pictures if you don’t want to draw your own. The you just paint it like those good ole paint by numbers!
I couldn’t find fabric that I wanted for the polka dots so I painted some white fabric like I did for my pillow in my room (*Click here to find out how).

I love decorating kid’s rooms! They are so fun to do and they really give you a chance to use your imagination. I’d love to see YOUR kid rooms. I am always looking for good ideas. If you want, e-mail them to me at [email protected]

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